Are You Guilty Of These Makeup Mistakes?

It’s great to wear makeup and most of us do this everyday, but you may be making some big beauty mistakes without even realising it. Are you a makeup hoarder or forget to take it off before going to bed? Perhaps you aren’t a fan of washing your makeup tools or keep sticking to the same routine you’ve had for years?


Take a look below at some of these makeup mistakes and see if you are guilty of one of a few…..

Sleeping in your makeup –

It can be easy to just hit the hay without taking off your makeup. But it is important to wipe away the cosmetics before heading off to bed. Even if you don’t feel like giving your face a good cleanse, just use a baby wipe to clean your face and keep your pores makeup free while you sleep.

Sleeping In Makeup

Not washing your makeup brushes –

I think many of us are guilty of this one. It may not seem important, but cleaning your makeup brushes is vital to keeping the germs at bay. Not washing your sponges and brushes means you are spreading old germs across your face every time you apply your makeup. Why not try giving your brushes a wash once a week using warm water and shampoo.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Not throwing away makeup –

Are you a makeup hoarder? Do you keep products for more than you should? Foundation, lipstick and lip gloss should be kept for around 12 to 18 months, while pencils and eye shadows can be kept for up to 2 years. Mascara on the other hand should be thrown away after just 3 months.

Throw Away Old Makeup

Using the wrong makeup for your skin type –

Make sure that your base products are designed for your skin type. Whether you have dry or oily skin, you will need different makeup depending on your complexion. If you have dry skin, remember to moisturise and apply a creamy foundation. If you have more oily skin, use a foundation for oily skin and finish with a face powder.

Different Skin Types

Sticking with the same routine –

Try and switch up your makeup routine now and again and try new styles. Don’t just stick with the same old look, keep it current and up to date with the latest trends. Try different shades of eye shadows and lip products. Try a liquid liner instead of a pencil, or swap your lipstick for lip gloss.

Makeup Routine

Not concentrating on your base –

Many of us will probably head straight for the foundation when it comes to applying makeup, but it’s important to think about your base. A layer of moisturiser and primer can help to make sure your look lasts longer. If you find your makeup starts to slip mid-way through the day, try adding some moisturiser and primer into your makeup routine.

Moisturise Before Makeup

Unnatural Eyebrows –

Having a great set of eyebrows is the makeup must have lately, but many of us tend to go a little too over the top when it comes to creating perfect brows. Remember to follow your natural eyebrow shape and use an eyebrow product that matches your hair colour. Harsh brows are never a great look, so stick to subtle browns when filling in your eyebrows.


Too much mascara –

We’ve all been there, were we end up applying too many layers of mascara and the end result being flaky lashes. Mascara should lengthen and darken your lashes and help draw attention to your eyes. But too much could result in flaky lashes which is never a great look. Stick to just two coats of mascara when applying. If you want more stand out lashes, try wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes then zig-zag out towards the ends.

Mascara Application

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