How To – Everyday Eye Makeup Look

Creating a great look everyday can be a challenge when you are short on time each morning. No one wants to spend hours doing their makeup when they could be spending an extra few minutes in bed. But we all want to look great each day, so how can you achieve perfect makeup everyday? Well if you follow our quick tips and how to’s you can look great everyday with ease.


Making those eyes look more wide awake is something many of us need, especially early on a Monday morning. So how do you achieve the perfect eye makeup look? Take a look below at our step by step guide.


Step 1 –

Create the perfect base for your makeup using a concealer to prep and prime your eyelids. Apply the LA Girl Pro Conceal to the back of your hand use your finger to dab onto your skin on your lids until blended.

LA Girl Pro Conceal

Step 2 –

Take the LA Colours Eyeshadow Palette in Nudes and begin by using a creamy shade across your entire lids. Next apply a dark brown shade across the crease and blend.

Step 3 –

Using the LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner in black, draw a line across your top lash line. Leave the bottom lash line free from eyeliner as this will create a more wide awake look.

LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner

Step 4 –

Apply two coats of LA Colours Mascara in black to your lashes.

LA Colours Mascara

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