Iconic Makeup Looks – 1950 to 2015

Over the years, there have been many celebrities who have set popular makeup trends. From the likes of Marilyn Monroe with her luscious red lips and Twiggy with her signature eyeliner, A-listers love to show off their beauty with a statement look and we just love to copy their efforts.

Below, we have listed some of the most iconic beauty looks from the past fifty years and have shown you exactly how to recreate them.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was known for her bold blonde locks and bright red lips. The silver screen star was never seen with a hair out of place, so who could blame us for trying to copy her look. For lips like Monroe, use the LA Girl Lip Glazed Lip Paint in Pin Up.

Marilyn Monroe Makeup


Twiggy set the modelling world alight when she came on the scene during the 60’s. Her makeup and cropped hair style were being copied by girls all over the UK and thick eye shadow and pale lips become the look of the decade. To copy Twiggy’s makeup, use our LA Colours Eyeshadow Palette in blushing nudes.

Twiggy Makeup

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey was well known for her minimal makeup, yet her look still become iconic during the peak of her career in the 50’s. With her natural brows and perfect skin, the famous actress didn’t need much makeup to look amazing. To recreate her flawless skin, use the Iman Corrective Concealer Clay to cover any blemishes and redness.

Audrey Hepburn makeup

Sophia Loren

Her bronzed skin, exaggerated eyeliner and nude lips meant Sophia Loren became a huge beauty icon during the 1960’s. The movie star is one of the most iconic Hollywood beauties in history and if you want to copy her look, try the Iman Luxury Press Powder Clay in a dark shade for her signature bronzed glow.

Sophia Loren Makeup

Amy Winehouse

Everyone who wears makeup has probably tried winged eyeliner at some point or another, but no one could ever top the style of Amy Winehouse. The singer was never seen without her well known bee hive and winged eyeliner. To get the look, use our LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner.

Amy Winehouse Makeup

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