Skincare Tips for Autumn & Winter

The changing seasons bring miserable weather, with wind and rain becoming expected as we wake up and get ready for the day. When we get in from the cold, the central heating is cranked up. Unfortunately, this can all cause havoc with our skin, so we need to take extra special care of our skin during the autumn and winter months. Let Beauty Base help!




Begin with a really good facial moisturiser, like the Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Wake Up Wonder (don’t forget a good quality body moisturiser too!) as your face is what takes most of the battering when you’re out and about. A great face cream for every day use not only protects your skin but also provides a good base for your make up. For an extra treat for your skin, choose a night cream, such as the Revlon 24 Hours Day and Night Cream, and apply after removing make up. This is to help repair any damage or dryness that occurred during the day whilst you sleep.


Cracked lips are not a good look and can feel incredibly uncomfortable. Keep a lip balm, such as beauty staple Carmex Lip Balm Pot, handy at all times to ensure your lips are well moisturised against the cold weather which will cause dryness which will lead to soreness if left uncared for.


Wind and rain can dehydrate your face, making it feel in desperate need for replenishment and hydration. Moisturising dry skin will help but sometimes you need to quench the thirst with a more intense treatment. Try a face mask, such as the Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask, twice a week to introduce moisture back into the skin and leave your face feeling fabulously soft.

It may sound bizarre, but you may also want to be protecting your skin with an SPF cream this autumn. Did you know that 80% of UV rays from the sun can still reach you through clouds? And with wind battered skin, this makes it much more vulnerable to damage. Try a day cream or foundation with SPF in to avoid the heaviness of a sunscreen.




It’s amazing what a handful of products introduced to your skincare regime can do to improve your skin condition throughout the colder months! Browse the Beauty Base skin care range to make sure you’re covered in the coming months.

Banish the winter blues with a bright face.

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