Halloween Makeup Tips


It’s that time of year again where it’s acceptable to wear black lipstick and draw cobwebs on your face! Or make yourself into a cat. Basically anything goes at Halloween, the more creative the better! At Beauty Base, we have all the make up and tools you need to paint yourself scary.
It’s worth mentioning that before applying make up, it’s best to start with a clean, moisturised face to help the make up stay looking flawless all night. Try the Triple Active Anti-Shine Mattifying Moisturiser from L’Oreal and then use a Warpaint Cosmetics Primer. Utilise our fantastic range of Tools & Accessories to help you create your Halloween image.


For a classic vampire look, a pale look is obviously essential. Choose a foundation a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone, from LA Colors or Iman. Use a high coverage concealer for any imperfections. To mix it up, opt for a pink and red eye look using LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Simply Pink, then line the top and bottom lashes before layering on the mascara. Finish with a dark red lip, such as LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Rebel, outline in black eyeliner and softly blend, to create a stand out look. Don’t forget the fake fangs!


If you’re after a simple gothic look, do the same as above to begin with a pale base. Use a dark grey eyeshadow to create hollow cheeks by contouring and shaping with Warpaint Cosmetics Angled Blusher Brush. Next, use a dark eyeshadow palette such as this beautiful Fashionista Palette, bringing the shadow to below the eye, and you could even create some under eye shadows for a ghoulish touch. You can turn this look into a skull look by adding some lines to the lips and going darker on the eyes! To glam up and highlight the eyes, apply false eyelashes from Eylure. For a sultry gothic lip, layer on LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Tempt.


Got a more colourful outfit planned? Don’t worry, we’ve got colourful liners, shadows and lip glosses to help turn you into an alien, Day of the Dead sugar skull, and other playful characters. Take a look at LA Colors palettes in Brown Buzz for yellows and greens, and Tropical Blue for cool shades, plus the colourful LA Girl Auto Liners.


Don’t forget to take off your makeup at the end of the night to avoid a scary looking pillow in the morning. Use Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover then wash your face with Garnier Nordic Essentials Cleansing Gel Mousse for a deep cleanse. For a quick fix, use Byphasse Face Wipes.

Happy Halloween from Beauty Base!

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