Christmas Gift Guide – For Him


Men often don’t know where to start when it comes to fragrances, hair products and skin care, so Christmas is the perfect excuse for giving him a little push in the right direction. Maybe you’re sick of them stealing your hair products. For fathers, uncles, brothers, boyfriends and husbands, we have some fantastic gift ideas for them this Christmas.

Toiletries are always a winner with men, so take a look at our excellent Fragrance Bath Range for Men where they can enjoy shower gels with strong, fresh scents, plus body sprays and fragranced deodorants to make the clean scent last longer. Perfect stocking fillers, these essentials will keep him going well into the New Year.

Who doesn’t love a great smelling man? It’s even better when you are the one who gets to choose his scent! We have an incredible collection of men’s fragrances, including classics like Calvin Klein and celebrity fragrances from David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Double the delicious power by treating him to the matching body spray or shower gel, from brands such as Paco Rabanne and Brut. By layering the products this way, the scent will last longer.


For older men, or even if you want to start them early, a great skin care routine should be encouraged. Taking care of the skin using moisturisers as a basic, everyday product can reduce the dryness or irritated feeling the colder season or shaving can induce. Get them started by giving them a good moisturiser, post-shave cream or an exfoliating facial scrub from our skincare range for men as an extra gift this Christmas.

If you’re married to an image conscious male, or have spent a lifetime waiting for your brother to leave the bathroom in a morning, you’ll know how long they spend in front of the mirror perfecting their hair. Long gone are the days where men use water to slick their hair down. Present him with some premium shampoo and conditioners or hair grooming products, such as serums and waxes, from our men’s haircare range for some serious brownie points.


For little brothers or nephews, why not treat them to their first kid’s fragrance. It’s certainly a different kind of present they’ll be used to! With many boys- friendly designs, such as Superman and X-Men, it should be easy to get them to enjoy using these fragrances. Get to them early and they’re less likely to become odour-prone teenagers!

For gift ideas for your mum, sister, aunt or best girlfriends, don’t forget to check out our collection of women’s fragrances for a little something for her.

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