Beauty Base Loves Valentine’s Day

Beauty Base loves

Love is in the air and what better way to show your feelings to your significant other this Valentine’s Day than to treat them to a brand new fragrance? Giving the gift of a fragrance is incredibly personal, so getting it right is important, and it’s so rewarding when the person receiving the fragrance loves your choice!

BeautyBase32For Her

We stock a fabulously diverse collection of women’s fragrances to suit all preferences, but it may be overwhelming to take your pick from so many options. It may be worth taking a look at your partner’s current perfume collection to see what kind of scent she likes, then use this as a guide. She may enjoy light fragrances that she can spritz throughout the day, or she may be missing a sensual evening fragrance in her collection. If she’s a lover of designer fragrances, treat to the latest perfume from her favourite brand. Gucci has some beautifully indulgent fragrances, including ‘Bamboo’ which oozes femininity and strength. Fragrances from designer Marc Jacobs shares the same sophisticated vibe with their latest product, ‘Decadence’ which would introduce the wearer to a new level of luxury. The bold styling, opulent craftsmanship and revolutionary bottle design, inspired by one of Marc Jacobs iconic handbags, is sure to guarantee an iconic status for this scent.  

BeautyBase27If your lady loves her celebrity fragrances and lives to emulate her favourite popstar, look no further than our excellent range which includes scents from singers, actresses and TV personalities. Superstar Ariana Grande has taken the fragrance world by storm with her beautifully designed debut product, which presents an ultra girly scent with a sweet marshmallow undertone. Playful and timeless, a quality fragrance will accentuate her beauty.  

BeautyBase31For Him

Take his senses on an indulgent trip this Valentine’s Day with a brand new fragrance. If he is a stranger to a designer scent, we have plenty of men’s fragrances to discover. Why not indulge in a ‘His and Hers’ fragrance by treating him to the male version of your favourite fragrance, such as ‘Man’ by Jimmy Choo. We have some classic men’s fragrances which includes scents from premium, well-known brands, such as Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani. A designer fragrance is a way to achieve opulence by embodying unique character and style.

BeautyBase34Another idea is to buy him a scent from his favourite sports personality, such as footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have both created stunningly masculine scents in sleek, stylish packaging – perfect for the modern man. He’ll take no encouragement to add these fragrances to his grooming routine following this exceptional Valentine’s Day gift.
Take a look at our Valentine’s Day sale for fragrances at excellent prices. Buy your loved one a fragrance to reflect their true essence, so they will be proud to wear it again and again.

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