A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Me,

I’ve now reached an age where I’m beginning to eye up anti-aging products for my skin, and anti-damage hair treatments – basically anything to help me look my best and feel young again. I’ve got some tips to give you to avoid any future bad habits, so listen up.

Treat your skin well! It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin by developing a skincare routine. Please, please, please remember to moisturise – this is important if you want to avoid premature wrinkles. I recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion because it smells divine, and Olay Day Fluid facial moisturiser which has that all important SPF15.

Closeup of open container of moisturizing face cream and blooming twig of plum on white background with small pink petals around

Next time you look in a mirror, take a good look at your eyebrows. Do not reach for the tweezers unless you’re absolutely certain that straggly hair needs removing! (Always pluck from the bottom FYI) I now have a very strict make up routine that involves using eyebrows pencils and powders, like the ones by Technic to make them look presentable. Your eyebrows will be very important in 2016, so don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

When a goth phase calls, resist the urge to dye your hair black. You will spend the next few years trying to get rid of it by using expensive methods and using even more dye to cover it, thus leaving it damaged. I currently use hair treatments like the Argan Oil deep nourishing treatment to bring some shine back to my locks.

Beautiful girl with long wavy hair

I know that having long hair was really important to you, and I understand that because it looked great, but get a trim once in a while to keep it looking healthy. Use special hair products products that tame fly-aways like a serum, or a frizz reducing shampoo and conditioner from Nexxus. DO NOT IRON YOUR HAIR.


Dabble in bodysprays and use sparingly for special occasions and after PE at school. This early introduction into the world of fragrance sets you in good stead for knowing what kind of scents you like and don’t like – avoid mums overpowering, going-out perfumes from designer brands like Calvin Klein. The fancy bottles can be misleading. Stick to light, fresh scents from Marc Jacobs or Burberry if you desire a more grown up fragrance.

I hope you take notice of my beauty advice – we’re in this together!

Lots of love,

Your future self xo

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