Fragrance Hacks: How To Get The Most Out of Your Perfume

Sometimes the difficult part of choosing a perfume to wear is how to make it last all day or night. With external issues adding to the risk of fragrances wearing off, such as clothing, it can be a constant game of reapplying the fragrance to keep the scent going. Here at Beauty Base, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks to help keep that scent around a little longer.

Research The Notes

Certain notes present in fragrances are more successful at sticking around. Look out for base notes of clean white musk, sandalwood and patchouli. Top notes are the initial scent you can smell, whilst the base notes appear after the top notes vanish, and the base notes are the heaviest scent.

Types of Perfume

Let’s be clear on the different types of fragrances available; it’s all about the concentration of oils. So, to make the most out of that expensive designer fragrance, we recommend opting for an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, rather than a eau de cologne or a spray, as the scent will disappear faster with those.



Simple Tricks

There are some really easy things you can do to help your fragrance last, such as:

  • Allow your fragrance to air dry completely after you’ve sprayed
  • Spritz on pulse points and the centre of your chest where the most body heat comes from – doing this directly after a shower can ensure the moisture locks in the scent
  • Store your perfume bottles in a cool environment to keep the quality
  • Don’t leave out your lower body! Studies show spraying behind your knee and on your ankles can keep you smelling sweeter for longer
  • To help your favourite bottle of perfume last even longer, add the last drops to an unscented moisturiser
  • Want a daytime friendly version of your favourite evening fragrance? Simply spritz into the air and walk into it for a lighter scent!


Fragranced Body Lotions

Perfumed moisturisers are perfect for locking in that scent. Use sparingly all over your body for head to toe freshness or simply apply to areas you’re going to spray the fragrance, such as behind the ears, decolletage and wrists. Take a look at our range of perfume gift sets which include body lotions and deodorants along with your favourite scents.

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