Best Of Beauty Base 2016

As another year comes to a close, we’re in a reflective mood here at Beauty Base and wanted to share with you the products you loved the most in 2016. From beauty products to fragrances, we continued to provide the very best for our customers.

The old favourites

Some fragrances just stand the test of time, and lovers of the following scents must have enjoyed replenishing their favourite classic fragrances this year. Paco Rabanne definitely proved to be a popular brand with Lady Million and 1 Million being in our top ten best selling designer fragrances. Both are such distinctive scents and truly embody luxury with the golden packaging.


Jimmy Choo Flash proved popular this year with it’s top notes of spicy pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry, and it’s glitzy bottle design. We’re sure this was loved by party girls everywhere.

Intimately Beckham Women was one of our best selling celebrity fragrances. With it’s lifting scent of roses, vanilla and musk making it a great choice for everyday wear, this ladies perfume from the unstoppable David Beckham brand was a sure hit among celebrity fragrance lovers.

Most popular men’s fragrances

2016 was definitely the year of powerful, masculine fragrances for men. Along with Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Emporio Armani He by Giorgio Armani with it’s sensual, woody aroma proved to be much liked among the contemporary males.


A powerful scent which was enjoyed by many this year was Diesel Only The Brave; high on impact with its notes of mandarin, rosemary and amber, this charismatic scent is perfect for evening wear.

Hot in beauty

Cosmetic brand LA Girl have really had a buzz about them this year, and one of their products stood out for many beauty fans – the LA Girl Pro Conceal. More specifically, their Pro Conceal Orange Corrector was well liked due to it’s magical ability to offer natural-looking under eye coverage which evens skin tone and hides dark circles.


The limited edition Vaseline Queen Bee Lip Balm has been a handbag essential this year for busy girls on the go. The honey infused take on the original much-loved Vaseline lip therapy is a luxurious everyday treat for dry lips.


Find all of our most popular products here at Beauty Base, or discover something new for 2017.


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