The Ideal Morning Routine For The Lazy Girl


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Multiple hits of the snooze button may sound like a good wake up call to ease you into the day, but giving your body several false alarms can actually play havoc with the rest of your day. If you tend to wake up with a fuzzy-head, consider setting an alarm and sticking to getting up at that time to avoid that groggy feeling.

If you aren’t an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal, we hear you. And sometimes a quick morning routine is required; perhaps you’ve got the school run or a long commute ahead of you before you even step foot into your workplace. If the words cleanse, tone and moisturise aren’t in your day to day vocabulary, and you’re more likely to rely on tap water than micellar water, this Beauty Base guide to the ideal morning routine for the lazy girl is definitely for you.

Wake up & prep

A face wash in the morning can truly be the antidote for feeling fresh and more awake in a matter of minutes. At Beauty Base we are huge fans of the Himalayan Herbals face products range which includes various washes and scrubs suitable for an array of different skin types. Use the Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Face Wash for a gentle morning wash that can work it’s magic in seconds. Follow with the Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream which is fast absorbing and provides excellent nourishment for the skin. Pop it on before getting dressed for it to have a little time to create the perfect base for make up.


Make up in minutes

The key to a quick makeup look that doesn’t look too slapdash is using a few quality products that you know will help you achieve your usual daytime look. We suggest the extra hardworking Milani Conceal + Perfect 2in1 Foundation which cleverly includes a heavy duty concealer in with the base shade. It cuts out a whole step in your makeup routine and makes it easy to apply in one go. This is ideal for when time is not on your side, but you still desire a flawless complexion for the day. It will cover pesky under eye circles and skin imperfections with it’s beautiful full coverage. It’s also water resistant, so if you’re rushing around to get ready and break into a sweat, have no fear!

If you prefer a lighter look, the LA Girl Pro Conceal is an excellent crease-resistant concealer in a lightweight formula which provides a natural-looking coverage for dark circles and blemishes. Use on its own and follow with a quick touch up of face powder to set it in place.


Define those lashes with a few quick applications of a volume boosting mascara, such as the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Ultra Black. Mascara can open the eyes with minimal effort, creating a more wide awake look – even if you aren’t completely awake yet.

Sometimes a tinted lip balm is all you need to complete a natural makeup look, so opt for a lip balm or lightly tinted lip gloss that is easy to apply on the go. For ultimate lip moisture, we recommend the classic Carmex lip balm pot which not only gives amazing long-lasting relief for dry lips, it also contains that all important SPF.

‘I woke up like this’ hair

For those of us not blessed with the perfect Instagram-worthy bed-hair, a little product may be required to tame the hair into something more presentable. When time isn’t on your side and a shower is out of the question, seek the sleek help of a hair oil which will keep flyaways in check whilst providing a touch of high shine. A few drops of the Hair Xpertise Argan Oil Hair Treatment gently worked through the lengths can create definition and bring a refreshed look to the hair. If all else fails, we hear that the high ponytail is very on trend right now…


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Lazy girl’s evening routine

You may not be a cucumber and face mask lover on an evening, but giving yourself a bit of TLC after a long day can go a long way in making you feel relaxed and your skin feel much better in the long run. For a quick make up remover, use the Byphasse face wipes, such as the Micellar Solution Sensitive Skin face wipes which easily removes all makeup, leaving the skin feeling soft and fresh without leaving oily residue like some facial wipes. Even if we can’t nudge you into developing a cleansing and toning routine, at least ensuring you’ve removed all traces of makeup will make a world of difference to your skin. Finally, we recommend treating your skin to a high performing, replenishing moisturiser that will work while you sleep. We highly recommend the brightening botanicals including in this Turmeric & Botanics Radiance Replenishing Night Cream from Urban Veda which will restore radiance overnight.

Whether you’re high or low maintenance with your daily routines, it’s never been easier to get into good skincare and makeup habits with the fantastic ranges of branded skincare and makeup products available here at Beauty Base.

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