Homemade Beauty & Hair Care Treatments

Homemade beauty and hair treatments are wonderfully effective and easy to put together. At Beauty Base, we’re keen to explore vegetarian beauty options and the DIY beauty activities we can all get involved with. We also stock some lovely natural, plant-extract products which carry on this stripped down approach to beauty. So, take a look at our DIY beauty hacks and discover a whole world of treatments just waiting in your kitchen!

The miracle of coconut oil

This easily accessible and affordable oil has long been used a beauty product, and discovered widespread popularity in 2015 when people uncovered it’s excellent qualities. Not only can we cook with coconut oil, we can use it on our faces, hair, body and even teeth! Many organic and natural beauty products include coconut oil as an ingredient due to it’s hydrating and smoothing properties. So if you suffer from dry skin, or frizzy hair, coconut oil infused products will bring some much needed calm and moisture.

Here at Beauty Base we stock some wonderful skincare and haircare products that feature the magical qualities of coconut oil. Treat your dry skin to Palmer’s coconut oil formula body lotion which can be used daily to achieve softer, smoother skin. The Palmer’s range includes other natural ingredients in their vegan skincare range such as olive oil and cocoa butter, so it’s a great cruelty free brand to get involved with. For plain coconut oil, opt for the 100% coconut oil from Cococare.

Dry, frizzy hair sufferers can rejoice with the range of intensely nourishing hair products from Inecto Naturals. From shampoo and conditioner, to hair serum and hair treatments, the coconut oil line from Inecto Naturals is a fantastic all-rounder for coconut oil lovers.

Oil pulling

There have been claims that derive from the ancient Ayurvedic dental techniques that regular ‘oil pulling’ with coconut oil can help whiten teeth and improve oral health. Oil pulling requires rinsing a tablespoon of plain coconut oil around your teeth and mouth for 15-20 minutes, then spitting out to continue with your usual teeth brushing routine. Give it a go!

The powers of avocado

As well as having a number of health benefits when eaten, the ever-so-popular avocado also has it’s beauty uses! Applied as a face mask, this deliciously creamy fruit (yes, it is a fruit!) is perfect for soothing irritated skin and providing a hit of moisture due to it’s high fat qualities.

Avocado face mask recipe

This hydrating and soothing mask will benefit those with dry skin. Grab that ripe avocado and get to work!

  • You will need:
  • 1 avocado
  • Yogurt or oatmeal or honey
  • 1 medium sized bowl
  • A tablespoon
  • A hair band

Simply remove the avocado stone and scoop out the soft insides into the bowl, and mix in which additional ingredient you decide on (yogurt is great for acne, cooked oatmeal is fabulous for dryness). Tie your hair back because things will get messy! Apply the thick paste to your face avoiding the eyes, and leave to work it’s magic for 10-15 minutes. When ready, remove the avocado face mask with lukewarm water and gently pat dry with a towel for super soft, supple skin. Et voila!

Homemade hair treatment to the rescue

Save your dry, overprocessed, heat damaged hair with regular DIY hair treatments that will help maintain healthy hair, without the need to spend £££’s on salon treatments. Hair masks can boost shine, soothe a dry scalp and even add volume. For this you’re free to use the avocado or coconut oil hair treatments as mentioned above for a tasty DIY hair mask option with no harsh chemicals that can be easily washed out. Create a large batch of your all natural hair mask and store in a jar so you can reach for it as your weekly hair treatment.

Spice up your life with turmeric

You may have heard recently that there has been a quiet buzz about turmeric and it’s apparent health benefits. Known as a powerful plant, it’s properties are known to have anti-inflammatory effects and it has been shown to be strong antioxidant. A beauty brand that utilises natural ingredients such as turmeric is Ayumi Naturals. They champion vegan beauty products by using bio-active botanical plant extracts that work to target blemishes, marks and pigmentation, as well as providing nourishment to the skin. Experiment with the Ayumi Naturals wild turmeric and clove soap for exfoliated and moisturised skin.

Creating your own beauty treatments at home can be fun and work wonders for your skin and hair. At Beauty Base we love natural ingredients and we are delighted to stock a great range of vegan beauty products which include organic ingredients, so take a look today at our vegan beauty range or knock up your own avocado face mask for a beautiful fresh face!

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