A Guide to W7 Makeup Brushes

It’s fair to say that make up addicts place a high importance on their tools and accessories — after all, how else are we supposed to get that flawless look day after day? The quest for the best makeup brushes truly never ends, and it’s often trial and error before finding your favourite make-up brush set. Here at Beauty Base, we stock a great collection of W7 make up brushes and sponges that we think you will love, so take a look and consider adding them to your collection.

Makeup sponge vs. brush

Recently the popularity in using sponges to apply makeup has risen among beauty bloggers, make-up artists and general makeup lovers everywhere. The original product that set off the trend and received the most hype has been the Beauty Blender, with many brands creating their own versions. A damp make-up sponge dabbed onto the face allows a smooth application, with light to medium coverage depending on the foundation used. It can take a little more time and effort to apply your foundation this way, but the results are impressive! Makeup sponges can also be used to blend in concealer under the eyes, and some people used them to apply a cream contour to the cheeks. Compared to brushes, if you’re after a higher amount of coverage it may be wise to stick to brushes designed for foundation which often have flat bristles to help create a smooth look.

The W7 Power Puff Face Blender Sponge and Power Pads Sponges are latex-free sponges which are versatile make up applicators that can be used to easily layer your favourite liquid foundation for a flawless finish. They perfectly ‘push’ the makeup onto the skin and blot away any excess product for a comfortable wear, whereas brushes can often feel like you’re painting an extra layer that sits on top of your skin.

W7 makeup brushes at Beauty Base

We stock some fabulous complete W7 make-up brush sets which have everything you need to create your desired look. All brushes are of high quality and professional standard, ensuring that you get a flawless look every time. A wonderful make up brush starter kit for those just getting into makeup would be the 12-piece W7 Brush Set — which includes brushes for eyes, lips and face — presented in a stylish black faux leather wallet.

W7 makeup brush sets have been influenced by the latest brush trend which features a flat, oval shaped brush (think hairbrush design) and a different handle to the usual makeup brush. Super soft bristles pick up product effortlessly and the angle of the brush gives a professional finish. Each W7 soft brush is designed especially for its individual purpose, so whether you want to contour, highlight or apply foundation, there’s a brush in this W7 brush set for you.

For those looking for an individual brush, W7 delivers. The W7 brushes are so affordable without compromising on quality, so why not collect them all?

How do I wash my makeup brushes?

It’s often a neglected task that many of us fail to do regularly, but your skin will thank you in the long run if you dedicate some time every 1-2 weeks to wash your makeup brushes. Not only will this rid your brushes from built up make-up, but it also washes away any bacteria that may have accumulated on the bristles. Even the best makeup brushes will need a deep clean every now and then! If you’re experiencing some bad skin issues or sore eyes, try giving your foundation brush and eyeshadow brush a deep cleanse, as they could be harbouring the cause of your irritation or pimples. Clean makeup brushes ensure that makeup is applied evenly and smoothly, so it’s definitely worthwhile doing frequently.

There are some excellent makeup brush cleaning solutions on the market which claim to have special ingredients to draw out dirt and provide a deeper clean, but a gentle baby shampoo can work just as well!

Follow our simple steps on how to to clean makeup brushes:

  1. Run brushes under lukewarm water to get rid of surface residue.
  2. Fill sink with fresh warm water, add gentle shampoo and swirl brushes in the soapy solution, or add shampoo directly to your brush bristles and swirl on your hand.
  3. Squeeze and split the bristles to ensure all old makeup is removed.
  4. Rinse brushes thoroughly under running water.
  5. Repeat above steps until water runs clear and there is no visible make-up left on the brush itself.
  6. Use an old towel to squeeze out excess water and leave to air dry naturally (overnight should do it).

What are the best ways to store makeup brushes?

This is an excellent question and one that can be answered in ways! If you’ve invested in a set of makeup brushes, or have accumulated a lot from different beauty brands, you’re going to want to look after them. Storing them in a way that makes them easy to use is a great place to start. Placing your brushes with the brush head pointing upwards first means that you can choose the correct one you need without lifting them all out of their receptacle. You’ll soon find that having your makeup brushes and tools organised will make your daily beauty routine so much easier.

Professional makeup artists often have their pristine brushes laid out in a fabric roll up, with individual pouches for each different-sized brush. This keeps things nice and organised, easily accessible and, when rolled up and tied together, can actually save on space in your makeup kit. You can find this style of makeup brush holder in paint stores, as artists use the same paint brush storage technique! Or experiment and make your own with a lovely cut of fabric if you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine…

Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside of the box to find the best storage solution for your personal style. Think of something that doesn’t necessarily scream out ‘storage option’ to you, such as a painted plant pot or a glass jar. Is your favourite candle about to burn out completely? Why not reuse the candle base which can add a decorative feature to your room as well as being an ace way to keep your brushes upright and presentable. If you have a cute pencil or stationary holder this is also a great size option to go for. Any one of these suggestions will work out better for you and the condition of your brushes than keeping them tucked away in a make-up bag.
We hope that you’ve enjoyed the introduction to the W7 make up brushes and sponges that are available here at Beauty Base, and feel inspired with make up storage ideas. Browse the complete W7 makeup and cosmetics range which includes some beautiful eyeshadow palettes, contour kits, primers and many more high quality beauty products! Add to your makeup collection with W7 at Beauty Base today and spend over £35 in a single order to receive free UK delivery.

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