Beauty Tips: Festival Makeup Guide

Summers are all about jetting off on holiday to tropical climes, late evening BBQ’s at home with friends and of course, enjoying the live music on offer at some of the best festivals the UK has to offer. Let’s be honest, packing for a festival can be equally as stressful as packing for a two week holiday. Alongside your willies, denim shorts and band tees, you’re also going to want to have everything with you for your daily makeup – and maybe some extra for something special! Create the festival make up look of your dreams with our fun make up guide using products available here at Beauty Base.

Get the basics down

It’s fair to say that your usual makeup routine may go out of the window when it comes to festival life; you may lack time and space to pack all of your everyday essentials, plus who has the desire to apply a full face when you’re camping in a field? In these situations we love simple yet effective products that can help you on your way to feeling human the morning after a late night, such as the miracle in a bottle Milani 2-in-1 Conceal & Perfect Foundation. Not only is this a full coverage foundation, it also has inbuilt concealer – a truly multi-use product that will save you a step in your routine! Sticking with the Milani brand, keep your brows in check with their Milani Easybrow Tinted Fiber Gel which will help shape and add a tint to your eyebrows in a flash. Wake up with the Milani Lash Trifecta Lengthening Mascara that lengthens, curls and separates lashes effectively without clumping.

Get creative with highlighter

There are so many options when it comes to how to do festival makeup. Festivals are a great excuse to try out new makeup looks that you wouldn’t usually wear. Technic has the perfect products that will help you do just that with their daring and colourful Prism collection for lips and eyes. For almost holographic finished lips, we love the Technic Prism Galactic Lip Gloss in ethereal green or blue, paired with their Starry Eyes eyeshadow cream in Celestial – you’re bound to look out of this world. Embrace the many colours of the spectrum with the Technic Prism Rainbow Highlighting Powder which, when swept over the tops of cheekbones, will provide an eye-popping glow.

We also adore the super easy to use W7 Strobe & Go! Sticks in cool moonlight and pink light shades. Use the shimmer effect strobing stick along the brow bone, tops of cheeks, down the nose and even over collar bones to get the most out of your time to shine. Wherever the light hits! These strobing sticks suit all skin tones and last all day, and more importantly, all night.

Go for gold with glitter

We’ve all seen the major trend of endless glitter circulating on our Instagram feeds this festival season, so why not get in on the sparkling action? One of our favourite festival looks is to highlight the eyes with a sprinkle of silver glitter on the cheek bones – it’s also a fabulous way to conceal the eye bags from one too many late nights!

We love the impact metallic colours can make with festival makeup, whether it’s with a pigmented bronzer in a delicious deep gold, an alluring gold toned contour stick or even some stunning gold lipgloss like the Aqua Lip Color in gold from Nicka K. gold or silver eyeshadow compliments all eye colours to really make them pop! We also stock some gorgeous bright eyeliner pencils from LA Girl that come in various shades to perk up the eyes, from teal, silver, purple and brown, to copper, olive green and midnight blue. Finish a glitter makeup look with lashings of black mascara to open up the eyes and make an even bigger statement with your festival makeup look.

Lipstick that lasts

The last thing that you want to be doing in crowds is taking a minute to reapply your lipstick several times during the day. To solve this, a matte lipstick or a liquid lipstick will have the desirable staying power to keep your pout looking on point all day. We can’t get enough of the LA Girl Metal Liquid Lipsticks which ticks all of the boxes when it comes to our dream festival makeup ideas. Opt for classic dark reds, browns and pinks or take things a notch with bright coral, navy blue and copper. The LA Girl liquid lipstick formula is designed to be non-drying and to leave a beautiful, eye-catching metallic finish. Top up the lipstick with your favourite lip balm to keep lips feeling nice and moisturised.

Festival hair, don’t care

No matter your hair length or texture, we can guarantee that dry shampoo will become your festival best friend. Forget about getting up at the crack of dawn to queue for the showers, with a reliable can of dry shampoo you can just spritz into the roots, massage and go!

Festivals are the perfect place for a multi-functional beauty product, and we especially love the 7 in 1 hair treatment spray from Dr PawPaw. Not only does it detangle, add shine, reduces frizz and split ends, it also acts as a leave-in hair treatment so your hair can benefit whilst you’re partying with your favourite band!

For those space buns and top knots, we also recommend packing a good quality hairspray to keep things in place and to reduce annoying flyaways. Opt for the brush out kind of hairspray that can be easily brushed away at the end of the night to keep things looking (slightly more) fresher.

So there you have our guide on how to do festival make up and some tips on how to keep your hair just right whilst you’re enjoying yourself. Get your festival makeup fix with our impressive range of makeup at Beauty Base where you’ll find plenty of cool options to appeal to your wild side. Ensure your hair matches the attitude of your festival make up with our complete hair care range, and spend over £35 in a single order to receive free UK delivery!

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