BFF Halloween Ideas

It can be a mind boggling task trying to think of a Halloween costume that will make an impression at whatever spooky themed event you’re planning to attend- we want every year’s costume to be better than the last! So why not join forces this Hallows eve and team up with your BFF to create an eerie duo look this year? At Beauty Base we’re taking a look at our favourite best friends Halloween costumes that take ghoulish inspiration from some of the best movies ever made, plus some classic costume looks. Pick up some halloween makeup tips and get ready for some spine tingling fun!

Grady Twins from ‘The Shining’

If you’re a fan of cult horror movies then you’re bound to be familiar with this gruesome twosome from ‘The Shining’ whose creepish stance and gory backstory is just perfect for copying with your bestie for a Halloween party costume idea. A relatively simple outfit of a cutesy school girl dress with a wrap around ribbon to cinch in the waist, hair slides and pull up knee length socks will get you on track in becoming the ghostly Grady twins.

Get their deathly pallor by layering up on foundation several shades lighter than your skintone, or opt for a white face paint and face powder. Dust pink eyeshadow from the LA Colors Day to Night eyeshadow palette onto your lids and forgo eyeshadow for a real standout look that can be completed with soft pink lip or left bare for that super corpse finish. Up the gory stakes with the fake blood from Splashes & Spills which can be applied to the mid section of the dress for extra chilling points.

White Swan & Black Swan

Taking inspiration from the infamous 2010 ‘Black Swan’ film where the main character played by Natalie Portman faces internal conflict with devastating consequences whilst portraying the white swan and black swan in ’Swan Lake’, we think the two sides of this tale could be a great Halloween costume option for best friends. Dressing up like ballerinas can be super fun (what little girl didn’t want to be a ballerina at some point in her prepubescent life?) so seek out leotards or tight corsets with a full tutu skirt with matching thick tights and appropriately named ballet pumps all in white or black to get the outfit down perfectly. The only issue will be to decide who gets to be the ‘good’ swan and the ‘bad’ swan – maybe flip a coin?

When it comes to the black swan makeup, it’s all about the upper face, focusing on the eyes, eyebrows and temples for a striking dark eye look. Use plenty of the black, silver and grey shades from the Technic Colour Max Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Silverado, and add holographic accent with the blue shade for depth. For the white swan, go crazy with a highlighter such as the W7 Glowcomotion Shimmer Highlighter Eyeshadow which can be used on the eyes and cheekbones. Finish both looks with a dark plum metal lipstick from LA Girl for true Black Swan vibes.

Twin Skeletons

A definitive Halloween costume, team up with your other half or your best friend to become friendly skeletons! Lots of places do complete skeleton costumes and outfits, so get searching now for a jumpsuit or top and bottoms combination to get the look ready for the fun bit – skeleton makeup.

It goes without saying that the basics for creating a skeleton makeup for Halloween will be white face paint for the base and a blacker than black make up product to go around the eyes, nose and lips. We love the Nicka K Vivid Matte Lipstick for a thick coverage of small areas if face paint won’t do – a handy eyeliner pen in black can also work well for lining the lips. For those wanting to do even more skeletal detail for maximum realism, choose a grey eyeshadow and work it into the cheekbones, jaw and temples with a makeup brush as a ghoulish contour to create definition.

Poison Ivy & Catwoman

If you’re both fans of graphic novels or the infamous Batman movies, then maybe this best friend Halloween costume idea will appeal most. Skin tight catsuit with cute cat ears, or a leafy green dress with a bright red hair wig, both outfits are instantly recognisable and striking in their own right!

Whilst catwoman may be wearing a mask and cat ears, you can link together your makeup by both doing a classic smokey eye and wearing the same vibrant red lipstick. It’s a statement look that can go really heavy due to the Halloween makeup we’re going for. Go to town with lashings of Milani mascara to create darker eyes and use the Milani Color Statement lipstick for a delicious red hue. Superheroes or villains, you decide!

Other BFF Halloween costume ideas

There’s so many failsafe Halloween costume ideas that can be simple to create with minimal time, expense and effort. For example, Halloween cat makeup can easily be worn by you and your best friend drawing on cute whiskers and a cat nose with a waterproof eyeliner pencil – paired with black jumpsuits and long cat tails you’ve got a classic Halloween cat costume!

Removing Halloween makeup

When all of the gory fun is over, it’s time to uncover your real self and remove that makeup! Thick layers of makeup will be tougher to remove, so it’s important that you’ve got the correct makeup removal products on hand to help to gently get rid of the build up so you can sleep with a fresh face. Waking up with the make up from the night before still on will be a scary experience in itself! Check out our complete skincare department for the best makeup remover products, including cleansers and face wipes to help you get back to yourself after a night of partying with the spirits.

Feeling inspired by our BFF Halloween costume and makeup ideas? Get your makeup prepared and ready to go with our full range of makeup available here at Beauty Base.

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