Top 5 New Perfumes For Spring

As we’re all trying to shake off the damp weather in hope of getting the true springtime experience we all know and love, let’s look ahead to what we can look forward to as the seasons begin to change. Not only can we shed the heavy coats and emerge from our winter hibernation mode, spring is also a great time to shake up our fragrance collections. At Beauty Base we stock a fabulous selection of spring perfumes and our latest fragrance releases from popular designer brands such as Gucci and Marc Jacobs are bound to inspire you to experiment with something new.

Our womens perfume department is a great place to begin your search for a brand new scent; whether you’re after a dazzling, fresh perfume for daily wear, or wanting a long lasting, powerful scent for night time, we’ll no doubt have something for you! Today we’re exploring some of the latest additions from our new womens perfume collection to let you know our favourite spring perfumes for 2018.

Prada Candy Sugar Pop by Prada

The latest addition to the popular Prada perfume portfolio is the sweet and fruity Prada Candy Sugar Pop perfume, a youthful scent that fully envelops you in a real springtime essence. Prepared to be charmed by Prada Candy Sugar Pop with its light notes of peach, vanilla and surprising green citrus. We love the Prada Candy Sugar Pop perfume as an introduction to the new spring season, even the bottle with it’s pastel shades of blue and pink work wonderfully with the season! This is a great spring weekend perfume that would be perfect for spritzing on as a finishing touch before spending the day with friends.

Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant

If we think of an example of a spring perfume, we tend to conjure up images of flowers with a lightweight feel, something clean and refreshing to wear but a scent that also has staying power. Luckily, Lacoste have created their latest perfume edition which ticks all of the boxes – Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant. It’s a modern classic that is consistent with the other Lacoste perfumes in bottle design but with a sparkling twist. Expect a light hearted perfume with a showcase of playful notes including citrus, pink pepper, violet and vanilla that will pick you up when you need it most. Wake yourself up by applying Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant on a spring morning to enjoy the lovely scent all day long!

Gucci Bloom

For a fragrance that epitomises spring, we love the Gucci Bloom perfume packed with floral essences that will make you wish you were frolicking in meadows and picking flowers in the sun. Intriguing notes of natural tuberose and jasmine deliver a rich, powdery scent that is exceptional for daytime wear. The Gucci Bloom and Bloom Acqua Di Fiori perfumes from this iconic designer brand are on hand to deliver crisp, refreshing scents this spring. A suitably sophisticated option for fans of designer fragrances who wish to lighten things up in time for spring.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle

New to the Marc Jacobs perfume stardom is the addition of Daisy Dream Twinkle, a beautifully light and airy perfume that offers an irresistible aroma. The ultra feminine mix of blackberry, jasmine flower, lychee and musk, with the surprising inclusion of coconut water, ensures that this spring perfume is perfect for everyday wear. It makes a statement that isn’t too overpowering, which is exactly what we would look for in a perfume for spring. A free-spirited, fruity perfume for women, the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle is an essential new fragrance that would suit a young woman exploring her first taste of designer fragrances. Held in a delicate bottle with daisy flowers in a lilac shade, we’d struggle to find a more springtime appropriate perfume bottle!

YSL Mon Paris

Not all of the best 2018 spring perfumes are light and fresh in their composition. We love the YSL Mon Paris perfume for women that is just destined to be worn for all of your evening socialising events during this season. Evening perfumes usually take on a darker essence with a lingering and intense aroma, and this impeccable YSL perfume is no different. Evidently taking inspiration from the romantic French capital, a few spritzes of YSl Mon Paris will certainly get you in the mood for romance! Even the bottle with the pink perfume and attractive black silk detailing will make it a joy to own. Cast aside your current favourite evening perfume and choose Mon Paris to capture your spirit with its bold white chypre, patchouli and sensual musk notes for spring evenings.


Whether you’d like to explore the latest scent from your favourite designer brand or try something completely new, the new season is an ideal time to do so. Take a look at some of the very best spring perfumes that we have to offer at Beauty Base and find your perfect springtime scent today!

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