Guide To Vegan Beauty With Celebrity Makeup Artist Em-J

Have you ever wondered what essential makeup products are included in a professional makeup artist’s kit? At Beauty Base we were certainly intrigued, so to find out the tricks of the trade we’ve joined forces with celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Em-J to find out which products she loves from our makeup collection.

With her passion for using cruelty free makeup and makeup accessories, we felt that Em-J would be the perfect partner to represent our vegan makeup range!

Introducing Em-J

London based celebrity makeup artist Em-J is an expert in all things vegan beauty. Having worked on many beauty campaigns alongside some of the UK’s best fashion photographers, including Rankin and Zoe McConnell, creating her magical makeup looks on celebrities and models alike, Em-J is highly experienced in the beauty world. She’s made up the faces of beauties such as Ashley James and Sophie Ellis-Bextor and brought epic amounts of glamour to catwalks and editorial shoots. Taking her savvy product knowledge and makeup artistry skills, she created her own brand The Em-J Company, providing stylish essential tools and kits for makeup, hair and beauty industry professionals.

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So, which vegan makeup products from Beauty Base would Em-J choose to use on her glamorous clients? She’s been testing out multiple cruelty free brands such as Milani, Technic, L.A Girl and W7 on herself and on set with amazing results!

Get The Look

Our Beauty Base ambassador Em-J recently created a beautiful daytime look for us using purely vegan beauty products from our excellent cruelty free makeup range, and today we’re revisiting the steps you can take to achieve the same look!

Daytime Eyes

Every beauty fan should have an eyeshadow palette in their makeup collection that offers the perfect range of nude shades for you to achieve a perfect eye look no matter the occasion. With shades ranging from light to dark creams and browns, a good nude eyeshadow palette like theW7 Colour Me Nude Palette (£5.00) as used by Em-J will allow you to create eye makeup looks suitable for day and night. Using the darker plum and grey toned shades for a glamorous smokey eye, or opting for the lighter neutral or blush colours as an everyday, daytime eyeshadow combination – this one palette truly offers plenty of different eye makeup looks! The W7 vegan eyeshadow palette provides 12 different shades with matte and metallic finishes so you can opt for natural looking eyes or something a little more glam.

Firstly, before applying eyeshadow Em-J recommends always using an eye primer as this will ‘make the pigment of the eyeshadow a lot stronger and also make it last a lot longer as well’. For this you can use a vegan face primer such as the L.A Girl Pro Prep Primer or even sweep your favourite concealer onto your lids for a smooth application and long lasting eye makeup results.

Apply your eyeshadow like a professional makeup artist would by using a lighter shade for the lid, and taking a darker shade through the crease to create dimension. Using an eyeshadow brush, pat the lighter shadow onto the lid, before sweeping the darker colour in the crease to follow the shape of the eye. Em-J recommends taking a light-medium eyeshadow along the underneath of the eye for definition, before going in again with a darker shade applied to as close as possible to the top and bottom lash line using a smaller brush and then blending. Blending is key to this nude eye makeup look!

Freshen Up With Blush

Part of creating a gorgeous daytime makeup look is to accentuate your natural features, and once you’ve got the eyes perfected, it’s time for a blush and highlight to give you that fresh-faced finish. For this look Em-J used the W7 Cheeky Trio pressed powder palette that includes a highlight, blush and bronzer for a subtle yet pretty addition of colour on the cheeks and illumination of the cheekbones. Taking a fluffy blusher brush, Em-J went with the peach-hued pink blusher and applied it lightly to her cheeks, making sure the colour buffed well into the cheeks. Again, blending well during this step so that the colour appears as natural as possible!

Next, using the W7 Cheeky Trio palette and a large fan brush, Em-J went in with the champagne coloured highlighter and applied it directly onto the tops of her cheeks. A good highlighter will really enhance your cheekbones for a flattering finishing touch to your makeup. The vegan highlighter in this W7 palette is beautifully pigmented for that ideal glow which can also be used on the brow bones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow for additional shimmer and shine.

Set Your Makeup

If you want your finished makeup look to last all day (or night if you’re planning on getting your dancing shoes on), then Em-J recommends using the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray (£12.95). Simply close your eyes and spritz over your completed makeup for a refreshing way to lock in your makeup and prevent smudges and creases. Not only can you use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place, you can also use it as a handy pick-me-up to freshen up! If your makeup is starting to look a bit cakey throughout the day, Em-J states that this spray ‘instantly hydrates and gives you a healthy glow’. Another top tip is to use a setting spray on an eyeshadow brush before dipping into your eyeshadow palette so that the pigment appears richer when applied on the eyelid.

If you’re interested in switching to cruelty free makeup as part of your daily beauty routine, or would like to add to your existing collection of vegan friendly makeup, be sure to take a look at our fantastic vegan & cruelty free makeup department. There you’ll find all of the products mentioned by Em-J and so much more!

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