How To Get Glowing Skin For Summer

Summer inevitably brings enticing opportunities to spend time in the sunshine, whether that’s home or away on holiday, and your makeup will no doubt follow suit in terms of warmth. Highlighters have become a favourite beauty product for many makeup fans, and teamed with a bronzer, a beautiful highlight can provide that gorgeous summer glow all summer long.

This summer we’re working with professional makeup artist and official Beauty Base ambassador Em-J, and she’s shown us how to get glowing skin for summer using cruelty free makeup products she’s been using on herself and her fashion clients.

Prep the skin

Getting your skin ready for summer doesn’t just mean focusing on the face – your whole body can benefit from a pre-summer prep! Now is a great time to get into the routine of exfoliating your body with a gentle body scrub, before slathering on a rich body lotion to provide your body with hydration. Regular exfoliating removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, which will be dulling the look of your skin, so body scrubs are ideal for those who are using self-tanning products to fake a body glow this summer. When it comes to prepping the face, follow this same routine using a facial scrub with vitamin E from cruelty free skincare brand Himalaya Herbals to refresh the skin, making it more able to absorb the goodness from the next steps in the preparation.

For beautiful glowing skin that looks flawless with the addition elements of highlighter and bronzer makeup, it’s a great idea to follow up exfoliation with a face mask to help soothe and smooth the skin. We love the range of hydrating and brightening face masks from Skin Republic for targeting blemishes and bringing life to dull, dry skin. Highlighters can emphasis skin imperfections, so focus on anti-blemish face masks if your skin has any problem areas. Finish your skin prep with a good face moisturiser to ensure that your makeup has a good base to work with, and for smooth application of foundation, use a skin primer such as the Milani Prime Shield Face Primer.

It’s glow time

Celebrity makeup artist Em-J has been showing us how to get glowing skin for summer with Beauty Base products, and we’re loving the results! Whether you love the natural makeup look and you’re looking for a touch of extra shimmer, or you’re searching for the perfect highlight to get your cheekbones popping, Em-J has picked her favourite highlighting products to get the summer glow finish.

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Choose the best highlighters

Thankfully, Em-J has narrowed down your search in finding the best highlighter for your summer makeup kit! Glossy skin with a healthy glow can be easily achieved with highlighters that can be applied in various points on the face that the sun would hit – cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow and down the bridge of the nose to create a slimming effect. You can also take a highlighting product and dust along your collar bones and tops of the shoulders to add some shimmer to your body – perfect for adding some shimmer on holiday!

LA Girl Strobe Lite Highlighting Powder

‘This can be used ever so slightly all over foundation for light reflecting, or focused more on highlight points’. Em-J loves the subtle glow that can be achieved with the LA Girl Strobe Lite highlighting powder. The soft and silky powder of the LA Girl highlighter can create more depth and dimension to your face by highlighting facial features perfectly. Available in an amazing 11 shades, LA Girl have truly treated beauty fans with such a variety of highlighter colours to suit all skin types. Create a summer glow with this paraben and fragrance free powder by adding it to your cheekbones without makeup for an easy, soft glow, or over base makeup as a finishing touch to a more made up look.

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder

If you’re looking for a dazzling body highlighter, Em-J recommends the Technic Get Gorgeous highlighting powder – ‘a pop down the centre of the legs helps them look more toned!’ The Technic highlighter, which is available in 4 colours, is also perfect for impact highlighting; use it to help sculpt the nose and cheekbones to create an enhanced look due to it’s super shimmer finish. For more focused highlighting, Em-J suggests switching up your makeup brushes and use a smaller makeup brush to apply concentrated highlights to the face, and use a bigger brush or a fan brush to apply on the decolletage.

W7 Glowcomotion Shimmer Highlighter

The final highlighting product Em-J loves for a summer glow is the multi-tasking W7 Glowcomotion highlighter and eyeshadow compact with mirror that is ideal for on-the-go highlighting! The light reflecting particles in the Glowcomotion highlighter powder offers just the right amount of shimmer that Em-J says is ideal for wearing day or night. The light shade of the highlighter is great for highlighting the inner corners of the eye and brow bone to enhance your eye makeup.

As a final touch, Em-J suggests using the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray to keep makeup in place whilst also keeping the skin hydrated. Spritz a generous amount of the setting spray over the face for a glow boost during the day or as a last step to your makeup!

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Add some shimmer to your makeup kit this summer and get glowing skin with the beauty recommendations from our Beauty Base ambassador Em-J! Find the products she loves from Technic, LA Girl and W7 in our makeup department online and in-store.

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