The Best Makeup & Fragrances For Your Zodiac Sign

In case you haven’t noticed lately, the world is currently very occupied with the magic and meaning of zodiac signs. You’ll often find colleagues at their desks reading up on their horoscope for the week ahead, preparing themselves for the challenges that the universe has preset for them, whilst our favourite beauty bloggers are reminding us of their star sign with every upload. Whether you’re interested in finding out your rising sign or simply would like to have a bit of fun with your makeup choices in relation to your own star sign, at Beauty Base we’ve put together the best makeup and fragrances for your zodiac sign.

Find where your birthday falls in the zodiac world and experiment with our beauty and fragrance suggestions!

Main traits: Ambitious, intelligent, disciplined

Those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are hard workers and are some of the most determined individuals to be around. Linked to this, they are keen to be involved with the latest trends and have the most popular items, so will no doubt love the bestselling Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. With addictive floral notes and such a positive essence, you can awaken your senses and get stuck into working for your dreams in utmost style.

As a detail-orientated Capricorn, with your makeup go for a killer cat eye with the LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner in black with sharp edges for a flattering eye makeup finish. Your skill in meticulous attention to detail and the easy to use fine brush of the LA Colors eyeliner will result in a sleek application.

Main traits: Imaginative, positive, independent

With the key traits above, you Aquarius, are simply a joy to be around. With your individual taste setting you apart from others, you find it easy to relate to your surroundings. Communicate your individuality with the equally unique Issey Miyake L-Eau d’Issey Summer perfume. With its cheerful composition of dragon fruit and floral notes, it’s a welcome blast of freshness that will make you stand out even more!

When it comes to your makeup collection, let your vivid imagination run wild with the colourful Nicka K New York Defining Eyeshadow in Boy Voyage. A slick of blue on the lids finished with layers of mascara to boost the lashes is the perfect Aquarius makeup look.

Main traits: Empathetic, intuitive, artistic

Striving to help others and lend a shoulder to cry on, Pisces women are easy to get along with and can be relied on for almost anything! Strong in character yet creative, your go-to scent should be the brand new Calvin Klein Women perfume. Full of feminine spirit, this ultra rich perfume will suit you perfectly.

Artistic Pisces ladies will have no problem accentuating their best features using the LA Girl Pro Contour Cream which can be used to define cheekbones with impressive precision. Flawless contouring is a skill and, with the right tools, you can achieve it easily with our LA Girl makeup range.

Main traits: Energetic, daring, modern

With an enterprising personality and a bubbly spirit, an Aries is not shy in taking calculated risks that almost always pay off well! Team up with an equally energetic lady, Ariana Grande, and her iconic debut fragrance ARI for a playful yet genuine perfume that you can enjoy spritzing daily.

Creating a flawless base with minimal effort is what you’re all about when it comes to makeup. This is why the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2in1 Foundation is an essential addition to an Aries makeup bag; offering a concealer and foundation in one product, this will keep skin looking naturally radiant all day long.

Main traits: Reliable, sensual, patient

A Taurus woman is a real rock and can be depended on to provide empathy and help whenever needed. A great friend and lover, you also have a sultry side, which can be expressed perfectly with the latest Jimmy Choo Fever perfume. Not only does the bottle look luxurious with gold and magenta coloured elements, but the Jimmy Choo Fever perfume is a hypnotic scent with sensual vanilla and black plum notes.

Flutter those eyelashes to get exactly what you want by using the fabulous W7 Massive Lashes Mascara to emphasise your eyes wonderfully. Apply several coats to the top and bottom lashes to make a daily makeup statement.

Main traits: Sociable, thoughtful, dynamic

A Gemini has the power to be the life of the party or a quiet observer – there’s rarely an in between! If you’re feeling particularly sociable though, we recommend the exciting Marc Jacobs So Fresh Twinkle perfume that will reinvigorate your senses and make a bold, feminine statement that is just as unpredictable as you are!

Well known for potentially displaying a dual personality, the Nouba Double Bubble Eyeshadow can be just the trick for a Gemini gal. Either blend the two shades together on the lid and crease for extra definition to the eye or use individually depending on the occasion.

Main traits: Sentimental, passionate, resilient

Easy going yet sensitive at the right moments, Cancer ladies are known for their strong belief system and passionate nature. Harness that joie de vivre with the DKNY Golden Delicious perfume for women that offers a radiant scent with a luxe twist that you’re bound to fall in love with and rely on as your new signature fragrance.

They say that the eyes are a window to the soul, and Cancerians have a curious soul that is calling out to be enhanced with the Milani Everyday Eyes Palette that is full of golden tones and flattering brown hues. Any eye colour would look striking when treated to the shades in this Milani palette!

Main traits: Loyal, optimistic, generous

Never one to shy away from making a statement, Leos can rock almost anything when it comes to fragrances. Attract all the right attention (that you deserve!) with Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal that will enhance your glamorous presence with its deliciously decadent blend of sandalwood, tuberose and tonka bean notes.

Leo ladies are well known for their innate glow, but why not capitalise on that and use the Technic Get Gorgeous 24CT Highlighting Powder to add a little more shine? The deeply golden shimmer highlighter is ideal for making those cheeks pop and glow.

Main traits: Tender, dedicated, witty

Virgo women are truly feminine individuals who wear their heart on their sleeves with pride. Offering a seductive warmth, we love the Tom Ford Orchid Soleil that will capture your depth perfectly whilst reflecting your deceptively deep personality. Update your designer perfume collection with this scent for an easy to wear option.

A beautifully natural flush is key to Virgo makeup and this can be achieved with the W7 Cheeky Trio Set that offers a peach-hued bronzer and pink blusher alongside a powder highlighter. Ideal for those who don’t wear much makeup, but want to bring life to the face with a subtle blush.

Main traits: Kind, balanced, peaceful

Lovers of the natural world, Libras take time to appreciate their surroundings and their nearest and dearest. As you are a great fan of the peaceful great outdoors, the floral notes of the Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori perfume will no doubt suit you down to the ground! Such a stunning bottle with botanical features will also appeal to your interests.

As for Libra makeup, you’ll no doubt enjoy symmetry and balance when it comes to creating the perfect look. Frame your face with the Technic Ultimate Brow Kit for beautiful eyebrow makeup with powder and wax that will last and work well with your other makeup.

Main traits: Strong, enterprising, magnetic

Scorpio women have the power to draw people to them and get their own way – though this is more likely through their own perseverance and hard work. Reward your headstrong personality with an equally magnetic scent in the form of Dolce & Gabbana The One. Ideal for a Scorpio who knows her own mind.

When its time to create a big makeup look, you can’t go wrong with a set of false eyelashes. In every Scorpio makeup bag should be the J Lash Glamour Kit Eyelashes which will add volume to your natural lashes and open up the eyes, adding to your already overwhelming allure.

Main traits: Enthusiastic, extrovert, inspiring

Thrill hunters and adventurers at heart, those with the Sagittarius star sign seek excitement in every aspect of their life. To get that high on a smaller scale every day, the Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume is on hand to deliver a spritz of celebration. Use the Calvin Klein perfume to induce a sense of inspiration for your next venture and keep you going on your quest for fun.

When Sagittarius women are too busy having a great time to keep reapplying their makeup, this is where the LA Girl Matte Velvet Lipstick will become her best friend. Rich in pigment for a long-lasting look that will never dry out the lips, slick on the matte lipstick and get on with your day!

So, now you know which fragrance and makeup essential will suit your zodiac sign best! From golden Leos to sultry Scorpios, we cater for everyone with the fabulous makeup and designer perfume departments at Beauty Base.

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