Winter Skincare Evening Routine With Em-J

Is there anything better than closing the door on a cold night and getting cosy with a pamper session using all of your favourite skincare products? Here at Beauty Base we’re all about adapting our skincare to fulfil what our skin needs depending on the season, and during the winter time, there’s a big focus on keeping skin moisturised and protected from the harsh elements. This month we teamed up with our Beauty Base ambassador celebrity makeup artist Em-J and asked her to show us her ultimate winter skincare evening routine – hopefully, you can get some product tips to add to your own pamper sessions!

A facial oil can work wonders for dry skin on the face as it will provide a hit of moisture, whilst gently removing makeup and dirt. NSPA Deep Cleansing Facial Oil is a great first step that Em-J uses in her routine which will cleanse the surface of the skin and enable the facial exfoliator and clay mask to work better afterwards. Spray the facial oil onto the face and remove with a warm, damp cloth to ensure all makeup is removed.

The second step in Em-J’s skincare session is to use the Himalaya Herbals Walnut Scrub which is an effective but gentle facial exfoliating product designed to lift dead skin cells to remove impurities from the skin. The granules in the Himalaya Herbals face scrub will help to unclog pores and reduce the build-up of blackheads – issues that arise with daily debris and makeup adhering to the face. A good deep clean with an exfoliating product such as a face scrub will work wonders for your skin during winter, but remember to only do this once or twice a week!

With the top layer of dead skin cells buffed away, it’s time to apply a treatment. Em-J mixes up the formula of the Dead Sea Spa Magik Clay Mask sachet with water to form a paste before applying to the skin, avoiding the eyes. Your T-zone area will benefit most from a clay mask (forehead, nose and chin) as the product will draw out impurities regularly experienced in these areas of the face. A face mask like the Dead Sea Spa Magik Clay Mask will need time to dry and harden, so it’s the perfect time to make yourself a cup of tea, read a magazine and relax whilst it works its magic before removing with another damp cloth.

Perhaps the most important step in any winter skincare routine, especially for those with dry skin, is to apply a good face moisturiser. Em-J opts for the cruelty-free moisturiser Himalaya Herbals Night Cream for some much-needed hydration for her clean, fresh skin. The natural properties of this vegan night cream, including lemon, white lily and tomato, all help to moisturise the skin and soothe any irritation. Our skin can easily lose moisture due to central heating during the winter, and as our face braves the cold weather every day, a rich moisturiser is recommended. Our skin renews itself overnight and is naturally more able to absorb restoring moisturisers whilst we sleep, so it’s time to introduce a night cream to your daily skincare routine.

A skincare step that many people forget is the importance of a hydrating eye cream. Em-J uses the Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream and lightly applies it to the contours of her eyes to help soothe and moisturise the skin without irritation. This vegan eye cream has a safe blend of herbal ingredients which promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles and smooth the formation of wrinkles. A good eye cream will also protect the delicate skin around the eyes as a final step in your face moisturising routine, which is crucial during the cold, wet winter months.

The final step in Em-J’s cosy winter vegan skincare routine is to apply the fragrance-free Dr PawPaw Balm to the lips to keep chapped skin at bay. The selection of Dr PawPaw balms includes fabulous cruelty-free lip balms that are available in pretty tints or the original formula which will moisturise and protect lips.

What is your favourite winter skincare product? Let us know on the Beauty Base Instagram account and browse the complete skincare department online and in-store for affordable skincare for every skin type!

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