CC Cream vs BB Cream

Alphabet creams are all the rage of late, with beauty bloggers and beauty mavens alike making them a staple part of their makeup routines. Whichever letter you choose, the idea behind these alphabet creams is to find a middle ground between moisturiser and foundation that leaves you with the nourishing skincare benefits and complexion coverage of both. However, with so many letters to choose from, how do you know which cream is right for you?

We’ll talk you through what each alphabet cream does from BB to CC through to DD and EE, and help you find out which cream is right for your skin.

What Is Tinted Moisturiser?

It’s hard to talk about what alphabet creams are without first understanding what tinted moisturiser is. Tinted moisturiser is an old favourite with those that now swear by alphabet creams – they give you a bit of complexion covering colour while offering all the moisturising benefits you may expect. Alphabet creams are the evolution of tinted moisturiser, so tinted moisturisers have become less popular in recent years as more creams that address specific skincare and makeup benefits have become available.

What is BB Cream?

BB creams were the first tinted moisturiser alternative to become popular. Offering good coverage for your complexion while also providing extra skincare benefits such as SPF and anti-oxidants, BB creams (standing for beauty balm) are lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturisers.

The most popular BB creams tend to be those with SPF, but it’s best not to rely on your BB cream for sun protection. Keep in mind that the amount of BB cream you would typically need to apply wouldn’t offer the same SPF coverage that using suncream would. Overall, BB creams offer blemish prevention and skincare maintenance, making them a great daily staple for many.

What is CC Cream?

CC stands for ‘colour correcting’ and, while they offer a very similar set of benefits to BB cream, CC creams are designed to address any discolouration of the skin such as redness or under-eye darkness. CC cream is even lighter than a BB cream, offering less overall coverage and more of a colour correcting base. CC creams use light-diffusing particles to help with colour correction and feel much lighter to wear than a typical BB cream.

However, most beauty experts find that BB creams and CC creams are quite similar in that they both offer coverage as well as skincare benefits. CC creams are a great choice for priming your skin and acting as a concealer.

What is DD Cream?

The most recent development in the alphabet cream trend is DD cream. Described as a hybrid between BB creams and CC creams, DD can stand for anything from ‘dynamic do-all’ to ‘daily defence’ and even ‘disguise and diminish’ depending on the beauty brand. Pitched as a ‘super cream’, DD creams are being developed into an anti-ageing product that aims to reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles when used as part of a daily routine.

What is EE Cream?

Similar to CC Cream, EE cream stands for ‘even effect’ and aims to reduce day to day damage such as sun spots and redness that may be caused by UV rays and city air pollutants. Designed for buildable coverage, EE cream is a protector for those spending time outdoors in particular.

What’s The Difference Between BB/CC Creams and Foundation?

With BB creams and CC creams offering such great benefits across both skincare and makeup, many are asking does this eliminate the need for foundation? In our opinion, foundation is still a relevant part of your makeup bag. Foundation is much more versatile in terms of colour and coverage. While BB and CC creams are great for quick on the go coverage, they can’t produce the same detailed coverage that foundation does.

Foundation can be layered and even mixed to produce an exact skin match whereas BB and CC creams are much less precise, and the same goes for concealer which can provide much more targeted colour correction. Many makeup artists actually choose to use a BB cream or CC cream as a primer or base on which to then work with foundation to create the desired finish.

Should I Choose BB Cream or CC Cream?

Since they’re the two most popular and widely used alphabet creams, let’s take a look at BB cream vs CC cream to discover which might be best for your particular skin.

Skin Type BB Cream vs CC Cream
Oily skin CC Cream. It’s less oily and lighter than BB Cream.
Red patches CC Cream. This cream is designed to colour correct.
Sensitive Either BB Cream or CC Cream should be suitable for sensitive skin.
Ageing Both BB Cream and CC Cream typically contain anti-aging ingredients.
Blemish-prone                   BB Cream. This cream focuses on blemish prevention.
Blemished CC Cream will help to conceal any blemishes.
Healthy BB Cream will enhance your natural healthy glow.


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