Get the Love Island Look (Must-Have Summer Cosmetics)

We’ve got a text! It says that the new season of Love Island is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see the summer lovin’ looks our Love Island girls are sure to turn out this year. From Caroline Flack herself to beloved contestants like Dani Dyer, we’ve had plenty of beauty inspo come out of the villa over the past few years and we expect the Love Island girls to have a few more beauty tricks and tips for dealing with the heat up their sleeves this year!

When Does Love Island Start?

There’s been lots of speculation as to when we’ll be watching this year’s lucky contestants entering the Love Island villa. In previous years the series has aired in early June – with rumours suggesting that the series will start on Monday 3rd June – but on May 3rd Caroline Flack let slip that it would only be a few weeks until Love Island hits our screens! Could we be in for a slightly earlier start this year?

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I love training with @bradleysimmonds but he’s going heavy on me for the next few weeks and I HATE IT … he’s got a great smile tho so he gets away with 😉

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Where Is Love Island Filmed?

Love Island is usually filmed on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca (aka Mallorca) – the Love Island Villa is located in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the East of the Island and is surrounded by nearly 70 different cameras designed to capture every (and we mean every) movement the Love Islanders make.

Love Island Beauty Products

While we wait for Love Island 2019 to start, we thought we’d get started on our very own summer 2019 hair & makeup kit worthy of a trip to the Love Island villa. From skincare to makeup, here’s our Love Island inspired list of beauty products you’d be muggy to miss out on.

Love Island Ball Pool

Love Island Inspired Skincare

Your first challenge? Making sure that your skin is primed and ready for some serious sunshine. If you’re heading abroad like the Love Islanders this year, your skin won’t be used to the higher temperatures and warmer conditions meaning your skin can suffer from sunburn and dryness if you don’t look after it properly!


If you haven’t had the chance to start your summer 2019 tan, get a headstart with tanning products from Sally Hansen, Sunkissed at Beauty Base, and of course plenty of sun lotion from Calypso if you’re getting your tan the natural way! Affordably priced and designed to help you avoid worst-case scenarios such as a patchy tan or sunburn (no-one wants the Dr Alex look!), each of our tanning products are sure to help you get a Love Island worthy tan before you even hit the villa.


Keeping your face and body moisturised in the heat is a must! Work out what your typical skin type is (from oily to dry and combination), then choose a different moisturiser for your face and your body. Face moisturiser can be tailored to your skin type, whereas body lotion or moisturiser can be more general, as long as you get the moisture you need to prevent your skin from drying out in the heat. For a hydrating and repairing face cream, why not try Frezyderm moisturiser – their unique formula is sure to keep your skin looking its best. Looking for a product that does it all? Check out Astral All Over Moisturiser from Beauty Base.

Love Island Inspired Makeup Brushes

Last year we spotted Samira applying her foundation with a Real Techniques makeup brush in the Love Island Villa. Real Techniques are a great brand to have in your beauty kit, offering brushes and other makeup tools that help you create a makeup look that’s your type in practice as well as on paper.

Love Island Inspired Makeup Bases

You’ve got to have a different makeup look for every occasion in the Love Island Villa. Whether it’s a low key look for lounging by the pool, a heavier look for a special date or a challenge, or a full face ready for the drama of recoupling. You’ll need to take a few different kinds of makeup products with you to help get your base right, so we’ve got some great recommendations for you.

BB Cream & CC Cream

For a flawless base that’s totally natural looking and lightweight, you can’t go wrong with a BB Cream or CC Cream. There are a few subtle differences between the two, but choosing either a BB Cream or CC Cream from LA Girl or Neutrogena is sure to give you the light coverage you need.


No matter whether you’re lounging around the villa, out on a date or about to embark on a famous Love Island challenge, foundation is sure to keep you looking camera-fresh and ready for your close up. Choose from a cream-to-powder foundation or a liquid foundation depending on what you find easiest to apply, and bear in mind how the foundation might sit on your skin in the heat.

We know that foundation and concealer go together like Kem and Chris, so if you’re looking to maximise the space in your makeup bag we recommend choosing the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2in1 Foundation here at Beauty Base.

Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation

Contour & Highlighter

Everyone knows that recoupling nights are sure to be filled with drama, so you need to look your best. Contouring kits and highlighter at the ready, girls. Whether you’re expecting a dramatic exit from the Love Island Villa or a romantic night of recoupling, it’s time to go all out with your makeup look.

We’ve spotted a few contour palettes like the Technic palette in the villa over the years, and while they usually give you plenty of bronzing and highlighting options, there’s no harm in bringing along a dedicated highlighter to make yourself stand out on the big night.

Technic Colour Fix 2 Colour Pressed Powder Contour Palette

Love Island Inspired Eye Makeup

Love Island Sunglasses

Your pulling technique isn’t the only thing you should practice before heading off on a Love Island summer holiday. When it comes to eye makeup, you should have a three-step approach that includes an eyeshadow palette, waterproof mascara (for taking a dip in the pool and a few tears if recoupling doesn’t go the way you’d planned) and a reliable eyeliner.

Try to choose an eyeshadow palette that gives you plenty of options but keeps things fairly neutral in case you want to create a daytime look. The LaRoc Fire Burst eyeshadow palette is perfect for this. Pair it with a waterproof L’Oreal Mega Volume mascara and L’Oreal So Couture eyeliner and you’ve got an instant eye makeup look that can be adapted to both daytime sunbathing and steamy evenings.

Love Island Inspired Lipstick

To keep your lips as kissable as possible, make sure that you’re keeping on top of your lip balm regime while out in the sun. Your lips can dry out as much as your skin in the heat so a lip balm is essential. When it comes to lip balm, you can’t go wrong with an old favourite. Vaseline is one of the most effective lip balms out there, ready to withstand everything that a hot and humid environment can throw at you. Plus, with so many different flavours and looks to choose from, there’s nothing boring about Vaseline in 2019!

For a casual bit of daytime glam, carry a lip gloss with you for a healthy shine in no time. A neutral colour from Milani will go a long way, and if you’re not down with the shine you can choose matte colours for fuller-looking lips.

On an evening, upgrade that lip gloss to lipstick in a stunning colour to help you stand out from the crowd. Seren lipstick is vegan and has a nourishing and creamy touch that gives you a luminous finish that’s perfect for bagging the recoupling you deserve.

Make sure that you browse our full collections of skincare and makeup at Beauty Base to help you get the Love Island look this summer!

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