Our Top Vegan Makeup Brands

The popularity of veganism is continuing to rise, and with more beauty gurus demanding vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to mainstream makeup products, there are increasing numbers of vegan makeup brands who use entirely vegan ingredients as well as cruelty-free production and testing methods.

We’ve brought together a collection of vegan makeup that’s designed to meet your vegan makeup at every point of your makeup regime, from vegan primer to vegan eyeliner and beyond. Explore our full collection of vegan makeup or browse by makeup type below.

Vegan Primer & Vegan Skincare

Nourish your skin for smooth makeup application with our vegan primer and vegan skincare products. Available from popular vegan brands such as Milani and Himalaya Herbals, these essential steps in your skincare routine are sure to enhance the condition of your skin and therefore the wear of your makeup with their cruelty-free formulas.

Vegan Lipstick & Vegan Lip Liner

Made from vegan ingredients and produced using cruelty-free methods, you can enjoy our vegan lipsticks and vegan lip liners with a clear conscience. Choose from Milani vegan liquid lipstick, LA Girl vegan lip liner, W7 vegan lipstick and Seren London vegan lip gloss in our collection for bright and nourishing vegan lip colours.

Vegan Blusher & Vegan Bronzer

Both Seren London and Milani offer a wide range of vegan blushers and vegan bronzers to help you define your features and bring a little colour to your complexion. Choose from a huge selection of different tones and shades to get a perfect natural blush or sunkissed appeal that fits in with your vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Eyeliner & Vegan Eyeshadow

Vegan eyeliner and eyeshadow isn’t just a guilt-free makeup experience, it can actually be kinder on sensitive areas such as your eyes because of the natural ingredients used in their unique formulas. Choosing an LA Girl or Seren London vegan eyeliner, or a W7 vegan eyeshadow palette can be kinder on your eyes and on animals.

Vegan Powder & Vegan Foundation

It’s important that your foundation is good quality so that it sits well on your skin and lasts all day – our vegan foundations and vegan powders from Seren London, LA Girl and Milani are designed to offer you the nourishing and long lasting wear of other foundations, but with completely vegan ingredients and production methods for a clear-conscience while wearing.

Vegan Makeup & Cosmetics at Beauty Base

We stock plenty of vegan makeup and cruelty-free cosmetics from some of your favourite cosmetics brands, so you can enjoy a guilt-free beauty regime courtesy of Beauty Base. Enjoy 10% student discount, or free UK standard delivery on orders over £40 when you shop vegan at Beauty Base today.

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