Pride Makeup Inspiration 2019

The most colourful time of the year, Pride is a month to celebrate the LGBT+ community and support them in their continuing call for equality around the world. Pride month has evolved over the years, and while its primary function is to raise awareness and understanding of the LGBT+ community and the issues they face, it’s a great opportunity for allies and LGBT+ community members alike to join together and celebrate using every colour of the rainbow.

Whether you’re heading to a Pride parade or simply throwing a Pride party, we’re sure you’re already planning your Pride themed look. If you haven’t settled on a makeup look just yet, take a look at some of our top Pride makeup picks as inspiration!

Pride Eye Makeup

There are so many different ways to style your Pride eye makeup, from subtle looks that use all the colours of the rainbow for a soft effect or bright and bold creations that really cause a scene. Try experimenting with rainbow colours from your eyeshadow palette to work out which look is best for the Pride look you’re trying to achieve!


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Pride Eyebrows

You might be hard pushed to find rainbow coloured eyebrow pencils, but applying eyeshadow to primed eyebrows can be just as effective! Simply make sure that your eyebrows have a tacky substance such as clear wax or primer for the eyeshadow to stick to, or set with a little hairspray to keep the pigment in place.


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Pride Lipstick

Use a lip brush to carefully paint on rainbow coloured lipstick, or use rainbow coloured lip pencils to achieve this look. Whether you’re overdrawing with an imaginative design or simply getting a taste of the rainbow, Pride lipstick is sure to make an extra impact on your look.                                       


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Pride Nails

If your makeup, hair and outfit are on point for Pride, you’ve got to make sure your nails are as well! Invest in rainbow nail polishes then get creative with alternating nails, painting each nail into a rainbow design, or even finishing off your rainbow nails with a layer of glitter polish for that extra fun Pride touch!


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Pride Face Paint

Of course there’s no need to work the Pride colours into your everyday makeup looks, Pride is a great chance to go big with some serious makeup artistry or, for those of us without the impressive beauty skills, Pride face paint. From small Pride rainbow hearts to full Pride makeup transformations, make your face your canvas and go wild with eyeliners, eyeshadows, lip pencils and more to create your Pride makeup masterpiece.


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No matter how you show your Pride colours this Pride month, Beauty Base makeup is here to support your vision with our collections of affordable yet super high quality face makeup, eye makeup and lip colours – all with 10% student discount or free UK standard delivery on orders over £40!

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