Christmas Party Season Makeup Ideas

Party season is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking of night out makeup ideas for all the holiday parties this year! Your eye makeup is the easiest thing to get creative with when it comes to a standout makeup look and makeup can make or break a party season look. So, we’ve put together a guide to the best Christmas makeup and night out makeup ideas from classic smokey eyes to something a little more festive!  

Makeup Night Out Idea #1: Party Eyes

When it comes to night out make-up ideas for all seasons, there’s only one rule we abide by – glitter always says ‘party’. Eye shadows that sparkle elevate any eye makeup look to fit in with the party vibe. There are a few ways to achieve party eyes with glitter; either choose eyeshadow with shimmer and create your look this way or for a truly standout party eye, we recommend working with eye glitter.

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The key thing to remember here is that you should never just glue regular glitter on your eyes! Craft glitter is cut differently and is extremely sharp so it’s not safe to use on your skin. Stick to reputable cosmetic glitters and metallic shades from our eye makeup palettes instead.

Where to apply cosmetic glitter

There are a few different looks you can try when it comes to party eyes. One of the simplest is to apply the glitter over a base coat of eyeshadow to create a glitter eyelid. If you’re wanting a subtler sparkle, glitter eyeliner can be achieved by gently dabbing glitter over the top of your eyeliner to add a shimmer or simply using a metallic eyeliner to create a subtle shine. 

Makeup Night Out Idea #2: A Red Lip Look

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Step 1: Pick three eyeshadows that complement each other – for a subtle look, choose 3 shades of the same colour, or for something a little more statement choose 3 colours that go well together. The shades should be dark, medium and light.

Step 2: Apply the medium shade eyeshadow all over the lid

Step 3: Apply eyeliner around the lash line –  try a winged cat-eye with liquid liner for a dramatic effect

Step 4: Layer the dark shade over the top of the eyeliner and blend it halfway up your eyelid. Press the brush onto the root of the lower lashes and smudge out for a smokier finish

Step 5: Blend the light shade underneath the brow line to meet the medium shade

Step 6: Apply your mascara – try a few layers to build up the bold look

Step 7: Add a touch of sparkle to the inner corner of your eye using either cosmetic glitter or a glitter eye shadow and blend throughout the crease

Makeup Night Out Idea #2: Festive Christmas Eye

If you love getting super creative with your makeup, you might enjoy creating a special Christmas eye look for the festive season. Provided that you have the right tools for the job, you can let your imagination run wild with the design you create. 

We recommend working with festive eyeshadow colours as a base, then painting on festive detail such as candy canes, holly, glitter baubles, fairy lights and more!

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Most of our Christmas party season makeup ideas revolve around eyeshadow, so make sure that you invest in individual eyeshadows or an eyeshadow palette that will suit your Christmas makeup needs from our eye makeup collection at Beauty Base!

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