Our Ultimate Aftershave Guide

When it comes to aftershave for men, finding the right scent to suit can be tricky. There are so many questions to answer before you dive in and make your choice; how to apply aftershave, how long does it last, what does aftershave actually do?

Never fear – here at Beauty Base, we’ll answer all of your burning aftershave questions so that you can choose an aftershave to suit him with confidence, plus we’ll make some great aftershave recommendations for you to try!

What Does Aftershave Do?

Aftershave is a standard part of most men’s grooming routines, but do we actually know why we use it? Aside from being a great way to smell good throughout the date, aftershave is often introduced in a man’s life when he begins his shaving routine.

The act of shaving can be quite hard on your skin; shaving is essentially dragging a sharp blade across your skin repeatedly leaving your skin exposed, raw and often irritated. Aftershave is actually designed to soothe and protect your skin while it’s in this vulnerable condition.

In order to do this, aftershave often contains antiseptic ingredients (either alcohol or witch hazel) that aim to clean out any tiny cuts caused by shaving. This not only protects the skin from infection, but protects and soothes the skin from irritating after-effects such as razor burn. Alcohol-based aftershaves will cause that refreshing tingle while witch hazel based aftershaves do the same job without the sting.

The antiseptic properties can sometimes leave the skin feeling dry or tight, so aftershave will also likely include ingredients such as aloe vera to soothe and moisturise the skin throughout the day. It’s important that you choose an aftershave that suits your skin’s needs, as well as a scent that you love!

How To Apply Aftershave

One of the biggest questions we’re asked when it comes to applying aftershave is ‘how do I make aftershave last longer?’ Prolonging the scent of your aftershave is all in the application. Apply your aftershave correctly and you’ll be able to enjoy your fragrance for longer.

Step One: Moisturise

Making sure that your skin stays hydrated is the key, so remember that moisture is your friend. Fragrances last much longer when your skin is moisturised. We recommend using a fragrance-free moisturiser so that the scent of your aftershave doesn’t become overpowered by other products. Better yet, why not use a moisturiser from your fragrance’s skincare range?


We recommend trying the BVLGARI Man In Black gift set which includes shower gel and an aftershave balm. Adding these elements into your everyday routine will extend the lifespan and power of your fragrance. Washing with the BVLGARI shower gel will add a hydrating base layer to your skin which will be locked in as you apply the aftershave balm. Finish off with a final spray of the 60ml fragrance to add vibrant tones to your scent. 

Step Two: Find Your Pulse Points

The sweet spots to spray your aftershave to are your pulse points. These pulse points can be found on your wrists and your neck, and a dash of aftershave in these areas will ensure that the scent radiates throughout the day. Your skin is warmest in these prime spots and the natural oils in your skin activate the power of the fragrance for that extra added punch. Similar areas you can spray include behind your ears of in the crease of your elbow for long-lasting fragrance.


Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo’s aftershave, Uomo Signature, is a daring, deep and dark scent that infuses masculine hints of citrus, cinnamon and leather to create a fragrance that every modern man should be wearing right now. A wonderful fragrance for men who want to be noticed all day and night.

Step Three: Be Sparing

When you find a fragrance that you love, it can be difficult not to overload on the sprays. For the sake of your friends and family (and their nostrils) stick to a maximum of three sprays. Your aftershave is intended to draw people in, not push them away so remember that less is more when it comes to applying your chosen scent.


One of our most irresistible men’s aftershaves is Terre D’Hermes by Hermes. With earthy tones and a woody density, this aftershave is perfect for the man who wants to add an allure of mystery. The scent from the French designer is musk free as the master perfumier wanted to create a fragrance that was unique to each wearer.

What Is The Difference Between Aftershave and Eau de Toilette?

The key differences between aftershave and eau de toilette lie in the amount of perfume oil added to the mixture. Aftershave contains between 1-3% perfume oil, while eau de toilette contains a higher potency of around 4-8% perfume oil. Perfume oil can be irritating to the skin post-shave, so the lower potency fragrance, aftershave, is intended for use as part of a grooming routine, whereas eau de toilette will last longer on your skin.

How To Store Aftershave

The way that you store your aftershave can make a big difference to its potency. Your aftershave needs to be handled with care and stored in the right place to prevent the fragrance from weakening. Make sure that you keep your aftershave bottle away from direct sunlight and, if you can, in its original bottle. 

Don’t store your aftershave away for too long either! Aftershave loses its strength over time so don’t keep it locked away for special occasions – treat yourself to a little spray every day.


One of our favourite everyday wear aftershaves here at Beauty Base is HUGO Reversed. This scent has elements of pamplewood and rosemary which combine and infuse to create a rich, aromatic feel making it the perfect designer aftershave to wear daily.

How To Travel With Aftershave

Planning on taking a plane journey? If you pack away aftershave in your case, you can carry aftershave of any size. However, if you have a long journey planned and want to keep some aftershave in your hand luggage to freshen up, aftershave bottles smaller than 100ml are allowed if they’re in a clear plastic bag.

Travelling with aftershave doesn’t always mean travelling by plane – long day of any kind may require an aftershave refresh. The average lifespan of a fragrance from its first initial spray is approximately six hours. This means that even if you’re running late and spray on your way out of the door to work, your fragrance still won’t last until it’s time to go home. The solution? travel-sized fragrances. 

With a travel-sized fragrance, you can stay smelling just as good at 5pm without carrying around a large aftershave bottle. They’re handy to keep in your office drawer, your glove compartment in your car, or even in your gym bag. The security of having a travel size aftershave will eliminate any anxieties about smelling less than fresh.

Ready to shop for your next aftershave? Discover our full range of men’s aftershaves here at Beauty Base and use your our aftershave guide to help you find the right fragrance for you.

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