The Ultimate Guide To Kissable Lips

Kissable lips aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got a date coming up or you’re just looking for a great self-care treatment, our guide to kissable lips will have you feeling ready to pucker up and pout in no time. We’ll teach you how to get smooth lips that feel super soft to kiss as well as how to apply lipstick for long-lasting wear that will keep your lips looking kissable for longer.

How To Get Smooth Lips


The first step is to exfoliate, especially if your lips are already looking a little chapped. You can exfoliate either with a DIY scrub or with a pre-made lip exfoliator. Pre-made exfoliators are great, but it’s just as simple to make your own DIY lip scrub – all you need is a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of sugar! Once you’ve got your mix, try these steps:

  • Clear your lips of any makeup
  • Gently exfoliate lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin
  • Massage the honey and sugar mix into your lips
  • Wait for ten minutes then remove with water

Once you’ve exfoliated, it’s time to move onto the next most important step…


Putting the moisture back into your lips once you’ve exfoliated is essential to making sure that they don’t return to that dehydrated, chapped state. To maximise the amount of moisture going back into your lips, look for lip balm with a petroleum jelly base, or if you want to go as natural as possible, lip balms made with beeswax, vitamin E or tree nut oil work just as well. 

If you find that your lips are severely chapped and need something more intensive, a hydrocortisone treatment can help to repair them. 

Whichever lip balm you choose, try to apply it just before bed so it can soak into your lips overnight and leave them feeling super soft by morning!


While exfoliating and moisturising regularly can help to repair chapped lips, prevention is the best cure! Your lips are exposed to all kinds of elements throughout the year, but sun can be one of the most damaging. In warm weather we remember to apply sun cream to our skin, but lips can easily be forgotten – and yes, they can get sunburnt! When choosing a lip balm or protectant, check for SFP as this can keep your lips moisturised and protected from the sun at the same time!

Prevent Damage

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to preventing our lips from becoming damaged. Try to resist the temptation to pick at cracked lips as this can leave scarring over time, and while licking your lips can feel like a natural instinct when they’re feeling dry, remember that this actually dries them out more and can leave your lips feeling really sore. Keep that lip balm to hand instead!

How To Apply Lipstick

Now that your lips are silky smooth,  you’re ready to give them a long-lasting appeal by applying your lipstick. If you want your lipstick to look its very best and stay on as long as you want it to, follow our lipstick application process for kissable lips that last!

Step One: Foundation

When you’re applying your foundation, make sure that you cover your lips too. Let the foundation soak in and dry on your lips before you begin. This helps to give any lip colour your apply over the top an extra strong hold!

Step Two: Lip Liner

Lipstick tends to hold to your lip better if you apply a lip liner first, plus lip liner ensures that your lipstick doesn’t bleed into the area around your lips, keeping those lines nice and sharp! Choose a matching lip pencil in a matching colour and apply all over your lips as a base. This is a good opportunity to make your lips look a little fuller by drawing the shape along the very outer edge of the lip ridge.

Step Three: Lip Colour

This is where your lipstick or lip gloss comes into play. When choosing a lipstick, try to find one with a hydrating, creamy texture. If you’re looking for a gloss, avoid anything with a sticky texture – this means that your lip colour is less likely to crack or flake during wear! Apply the colour over the top of your lip liner then gently dab with a tissue to remove any excess at risk of smearing. 

Step Four: Set With Powder

An optional step but perfect if you love matte lips (which tend to be longer-lasting…), try setting your lipstick with powder. Make sure that you choose a translucent powder that’s very fine so you don’t pale the colour of your lipstick, but all you’ll need to do is dust a thin coat of powder just after applying your lipstick then allow it to set. You’ll get an instant matte finish and your lip colour will last all the longer!

Step Five: Cupid’s Bow

A finishing touch that’s sure to make your lips look ultra kissable is adding a touch of highlighter to your cupid’s bow. Your cupid’s bow is the curve just between your upper lip and your nose!

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