What is Oud perfume?

Oud perfume has become highly popular, well known for its musky and dark fragrance this scent has become highly sought after in recent times. It is a unique fragrance which utilises nature to create statement scents that are timeless and classic. Contrary to popular belief, Oud perfume isn’t strictly for men. Both men and women can enjoy oud perfume for a sensual and long-lasting fragrance. 

Oud is often referred to as a comforting fragrance that offers warmth and depth in its elements and is a much-loved fragrance due to its timeless nature. 

What is Oud perfume?

Oud perfume derives from the Agar tree, bringing beauty right back to its natural roots. The timber which comes from the Agar tree is well-known as one of the most expensive timbers on the planet, giving it a sense of prestige and rarity. Agar trees are found in Southeast Asia and into Papua New Guinea’s rainforests. However, due to popular demand, this tree has been planted in other regions of the world to avoid over-harvesting of Oud.

How do you get Oud from the Agar tree?

Although Oud perfume begins its life as a tree, the extraction of the fragrance has been growing in demand due to its popularity. When the Agar tree becomes infected by a particular species of mould, it produces a resin which in turn is highly fragrant and emanates a deep and rich smell. It is extremely rare and has often been referred to as liquid gold as the opportunity to extract Oud fragrance from the Agar tree is few and far between. The uniqueness of this resin has increased the demand for the product and has, in turn, created a rather pricey fragrance alternative. It has been estimated that roughly as small of a percentage as 2% of the Agar trees will end up producing this resin which has to be used in Oud perfumes.

What does Oud perfume smell like?

As you could probably guess, Oud perfume has a very wood and dark scent. The fragrance has a multitude of layers, including musky and smoky undertones. It is quite a strong-smelling fragrance and therefore shouldn’t need to be applied more than once. 

What are the best Oud fragrances?

Here at Beauty Base, we have an extensive selection of Oud perfumes on offer so that you can enjoy the smell of sophistication. We are proud to offer Oud inspired fragrances at reasonable prices, making sure that this upper market scent is accessible to more people. If you haven’t tried this stunning fragrance, why not give it a go with an Oud from our collection?

Our Viali Amber Oud eau de parfum is the perfect addition to your dressing table. Offering the ultimate long lasting scent, Viali Amber is the most certainly the one if you are looking for a statement fragrance. With rich and oaky tones, you will be able to enjoy some sophistication with your latest purchase.

For sensuality in a bottle, Haramain Amber Oud Gold will be the ideal choice for you. Combining the rich scents with the fruity fragrances, this eau de parfum has it all. Whether you are wanting an evening perfume or a new daily staple, Haramain Amber offers the versatility everybody needs within their scent collection. 

If you are looking for a more musky Oud perfume, Beauty Base’s Louis Varel’s Oud Side may just be the perfect purchase for you. Oud is a rich and dark scent which is seen by many as an acquired taste, but with Oud Side, it allows you to enjoy a multitude of different scents within one.

The infamous brand BOSS offers a stunning Oud scent, with 100% natural Oud you can guarantee this is an authentic purchase. With oaky and rich aromas, you can add something a little different to your usual fragrance go-to.

So if you have been feeling a little lost when it comes to finding a fragrance that is right for you, you may discover that Oud is your new favourite scent. Although you may associate purchasing a new perfume with sweet-smelling scents that aren’t necessarily earthy, you may get a pleasant surprise when you indulge in an Oud perfume.

Here at Beauty Base, we have more stunning fragrances for you to discover as well as our Oud collection. So why not explore our full range of fragrances today? With something for both men and women, you’ll be struggling to refrain from buying them all!

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