Looking after your skin post-mask wearing

Making sure that we are taking care of our skin has never been more important than within the current climate. Mask wearing has witnessed a huge rise within a multitude of scenarios from workplaces to supermarkets, so we need to take the correct steps to ensure that our skin isn’t forgotten about after we take our masks off.  

We have previously talked about how to handle your face mask here at Beauty Base and what you can do to try and prevent those pesky breakouts. But, with the best will in the world, you sometimes can’t stop the inevitable. So let’s talk about what you can do after you take your mask off to make sure your skin is as clear as it can be. 

Cleanse your face 

You should aim to cleanse your face after you remove your mask as soon as you get the opportunity. With a range of different cleansers available in the industry, you can find one that suits your skin and helps to clear up any breakouts. The moisture which becomes trapped behind your mask as you breathe can block up your pores and in turn, cause acne and blackheads. Use a soft flannel or cotton wool to remove excess dirt which may be sat on the surface of your skin. You must make sure that you wash your hands before you begin the cleansing process so that you aren’t putting more germs back onto your clean skin. Ensure that you have a fresh towel ready so that you can dab your face dry to avoid skin cracking. 

Stop touching your face

Stop touching your face! Touching your face can cause uncomfortable breakouts so you must make an effort to keep your hands away from your skin. Scratching and popping spots can cause scarring, as well as the transfer of germs, even if you are washing your hands throughout the day, it is inevitable that you will pick up dirt and grime from phones, surfaces and money etc.  Your skin will have already felt a huge difference from wearing your mask, don’t put extra stress onto your skin by touching it unnecessarily. 

Move away from harsh treatments

Now probably isn’t the best time to start putting your skin through new regimes that it isn’t used to, with masks being a relatively new addition for many people, our skin is starting to get used to the perpetual wearing of masks. Using harsh exfoliators for face peels can be useful for your skin every now and again; however, with masks making people more susceptible to breakouts and sensitivity, this could create sore and dry patches on your skin. Aim for soft and gentle treatments.  

Steam your face

Steaming your face is a great way to remove dirt that has become trapped in your open pores. This is the best way to get a deep cleanse of your skin and softens up your pores ready for blackhead extraction. We would recommend purchasing a blackhead remover to ensure you are getting everything out with minimal damage. Adding natural herbs into your steaming regime will help your body stimulate the production of collagen and elasticity in your skin.  You should aim to make your steaming sessions around 10 minutes long so that you don’t overdo it and cause more damage than good to your skin. Aim to do this once a week to keep maskne (acne caused by your mask) at bay. 

What treatments should I use?


As featured on This Morning, CeraVe is a great brand to help keep your skin clear, originally designed to help those suffering from dry skin but has since become synonymous with helping spotty breakouts. 

Face Wash

Purchasing quality face wash is imperative to make sure that your skincare regime is being upheld after you take your mask off. If you do nothing else when you get in from being out and about, wash your hands and then your face. The longer that you leave your face unwashed, the more likely you are to experience clusters of spots, particularly around your chin where your mask has trapped moisture. 


Keep your face soft and moisturised to help create a barrier between your skin and your mask in order to reduce abrasion. Aim for a non-scented moisturiser to avoid further aggravation. Moisturise after your face has been washed and dried so that you aren’t trapping any dirt between the moisturiser and the surface of your skin.

Drink water

It’s something that is said time and time again, but it is super important! Drinking water can massively increase your skin’s clarity. If you aren’t drinking the liquid you should be, your pores will create excessive oils to overcompensate for the lack of hydration, and that can cause spots.

Dry Lips 

Wearing a mask can cause more than just acne; you may find that your lips feel chapped and sore. Lip care is imperative to make sure you aren’t suffering from split lips. Whether you prefer to use lip balm or moisturiser, it is vital you keep on top of your lip care, more so than ever now we are all wearing masks on a regular basis. So whether you have been struggling with ‘maskne’ or dry patches, making a conscious effort to keep a consistent skincare routine will make a huge difference. Our skincare range at Beauty Base offers a broad selection of different products so that you can find something to keep your skin looking and looking great.

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