The Busy Girl’s 15 Minute Morning Skincare Routine

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How about a 15 minute morning skincare routine? You’re busy, right? Don’t worry, at Beauty Base, we totally get it!  Whether you have a long commute to work or you just can’t stop hitting that snooze button, 15 minutes added to your morning routine is a big ask. 

But your morning skincare routine is such an important way to keep your skin protected and to keep you feeling fresh and fantastic! So if you do one thing for yourself, give yourself fifteen short minutes. 

Here’s our essential guide to a super-fast morning skincare routine for even the busiest of boss babes. With all skin types considered, we’ve included our favourite products at each step to save you some browsing time too! 

What is a simple morning skincare routine?

A simple morning skincare routine is all of the steps that your skin needs to get it through the day. If you’re someone who often ditches skincare in favour of a swipe of mascara and lipstick when you get to the office, this morning skincare routine is definitely for you. Protecting your skin from the elements of the day can leave it glowing right through into the night for a healthy, natural look that you won’t want to be without. Spend just three small minutes on each step for a perfect all-day glow!

1. Cleanse the evening away in the morning 

Clean skin is an essential part of any morning skincare routine because, without it, your pores can block, and your skin can look tired and dull. Your morning cleanser should be light and water-based unless you’ve been using oil-based nighttime skincare products, where a cleansing oil might make a better choice. Leave your detailed double cleanse for an evening and use the morning to give your skin a quick refresh! For dry and sensitive skin, we recommend using a hydrating cleanser by Cerave, which is hypoallergenic and skin-kind enough to use every day, removing dirt and oil with just one wash. For normal to oily skin, Cerave also has a foaming cleanser which deeply cleans and leaves skin feeling fresh. Finally, for combination skin, we recommend Neutrogena’s Clear and Defend, which also doubles up as a face mask when time is on your side.

2. Toner is an essential morning skincare step!

Toner is skincare’s forgotten hero, and yet it’s the morning skincare routine step that is most often missed out. Think of toner as your skin’s barrier product, protecting it from pollution from the daily commute and everything else that the world might throw at it. A common misconception is that toner should make your face feel tight, but actually, a great toner will hydrate your skin and balance its natural PH levels. When you apply your toner, try to get into the habit of using your fingers to press it into your skin, as this can help to reduce irritation caused by using a cotton pad. For a toner that’s great for all skin types, we recommend Bye Bye Blemish Toner, which helps to promote an even skin tone. For sensitive skin, try Simple’s Kind to Skin Facial toner or Ayumi’s Sandalwood and Aloe Vera, which is a hero product for dry skin. With mature skin, L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Golden Age Glow Re-Activating Essence acts as a great toner and serum, formulated to refresh and replump skin. 

3. Serum gives that long-lasting glow!

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Your morning skincare routine needs serum! Not only does it help to brighten your complexion, but it also adds moisture too! Using a serum twice a day before you moisturise can massively transform your skin, helping it to look healthier and more nourished. Choosing a serum that contains hyaluronic acid such as L’Oreal Revitalift Filler Anti-Wrinkle Serum can also help to lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and protected against pollution and UV rays. 

4. Moisturise like your life depends on it!


There’s nothing like a good moisturiser to prepare your skin for the day ahead, and this morning skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without it. A long commute and the hustle and bustle of the day can often leave skin feeling dry and tired, and whilst a lot of the products you’ve already applied help to keep your skin feeling hydrated, moisturiser keeps it looking supple and healthy whilst keeping that moisture locked in. For oily and combination skin, Frezyderm Active Block Anti-Ageing Photoprotective Face Cream provides long-lasting hydration with added sun protection, whereas Cuticura’s Mildly Medicated Dry Skin Cream is a real hero product for dry and eczema prone skin.

5 If you do nothing else…SPF!

SPF is such an important part of your daily skincare routine; in fact, you shouldn’t leave the house without it! Even during the winter months, your skin is susceptible to sun damage. Make it a new habit to always apply SPF every day and aim for a protection level of 30. Your future self will be so thankful, as you’ll help to slow down the signs of ageing, protect your skin from unnecessary blemishes and ultimately, you’ll be protecting it from more serious conditions. If you add one thing to your morning skincare routine, always use an SPF. For some of our favourites, look to Frezyderm Sun Screen Color Velvet Face Cream SPF 30 for high protection with a slight tint to help cover blemishes and Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Lip Balm with SPF 20 because protecting your lips is important too!

What should you apply on your face in the morning?

Now you know the steps to follow to achieve the perfect busy girl’s 15 minute morning skincare routine, and by sticking to this quick fix, your skin will be at its most radiant too. However, skin can be tricky, so it’s sometimes difficult to know which products are best suited to your individual skin type. Don’t worry, at Beauty Base, we’ve got that covered too! You can search for the products that match each of these steps in our handy skin types and conditions menu. Shop by your skin type for a super-easy way to achieve perfect skin.

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