Top Tips For Winter Skincare

winter skin

Throughout the winter months, it becomes ever more important to take care of your skin to make sure that you aren’t suffering from any unwanted breakouts or dry patches. The colder weather brings about a huge change in your skin’s complexion, often contributing to unwelcome spots. Moving from the outside (where your face is exposed to the elements) to inside (where your heating is blasting) can confuse your skin and encourage breakouts. Here at Beauty Base, we have 8 top tips for you to follow to help keep your skin clear.

1. Use a Cleanser

Cleansers are designed to get rid of any residue of oils, and makeup that may have been missed. Using a good cleanser is vital to prevent blocked pores and spot clusters. Over the winter period, particularly close to Christmas, we’re using lots of makeup we wouldn’t usually wear such as eye glitters, sparkly highlighters and statement lips. This change in makeup routine has a huge impact on your skin and can often cause breakouts. Using a cleanser twice a day, morning and night, will remove grease and grime from the surface of your skin to help keep your skin clean. Here at Beauty Base, our cleansers include facial wipes and liquid cleansers so that you can invest and use all year round.

2. Use Moisturiser

This should already be part of your daily routine but it’s even more important to keep on top of this as the colder weather sets in. Moving between extreme temperatures can cause your skin to dry up and in turn, flake off which is why moisturiser is essential. Not only do you want to be focusing on keeping your face hydrated, but also your hands which will inevitably be dried out from taking gloves on and off. When moisturising, you want to be applying small amounts to clean fingertips and moving in an upwards and out motion on your face. Pulling at your skin or dragging down your face can cause wrinkles and frown lines. Be sure to explore our full moisturiser range here at Beauty Base, with everything from CeraVe to Nivea, there’s something to suit a range of skin types. 

3. Use Sun Cream

This may sound crazy, but even on the coldest and cloudiest of days, it’s important that your skin is protected against sun damage. Sun’s UV rays are able to penetrate clouds meaning that you’re susceptible to potential damage even if it doesn’t look sunny outside. If you’re lucky enough to escape to the slopes this winter, making sure that you apply SPF is even more important as the snow reflects the sun, which is often why many of us come home from skiing or sledging with a tan! Sun cream lotion isn’t reserved for summer alone, be sure to explore our sun-protection range here at Beauty Base.

4. Drink plenty of water

Making sure you remember to drink water regularly is vital to achieving clear skin, helping to flush out toxins and germs. Inarguably, it is much harder to keep on top of your diet during the winter months– from comfort food to Advent calendars, it can seem a challenge. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help to regulate your skin’s PH and help balance out if you have been a little bit naughty with your food and drink! 

5. Use lip balm

We mustn’t forget about our lips! Everybody has struggled with cracked and dry lips over the winter period, with the harsher and less humid air brings about a change to your lips. Chapped lips can be uncomfortable and rather sore – not to mention a complete nightmare when it comes to applying gloss or lipstick. Applying lip balm before you go out, before bed or even as you start to feel your lips tighten, is a great way to combat scabs and deep cracks. We offer a range of lip balms here at Beauty Base, so be sure to invest in a product that you can wear all of the time and take it with you when you leave the house. 

6. Consider the temperature of your shower

Having your shower too hot can cause rashes, dry skin and inflammation which isn’t going to help when you step out into the cold weather later that day. Having a shower at a reasonable temperature will open and cleanse your pores while minimising the chance of heat rash. This should also be taken into consideration when you’re having a bath. A bath is a great time to let your body soak up all of the vital oils we need to remain glowing, and so investing in bath oils would be a great addition to your skincare routine.

7. Keep your hands off your face

As tempting as it may be to touch your face, whether to scratch, move hair or pick at a spot – you must resist. Any germs that you have picked up on your hands will be transferred to your face, blocking pores which are likely to encourage spots. If you’re wearing gloves, that’s even more reason to resist from touching your face as you aren’t able to wash them as regularly as you are hands!

Hands in gloves

8. Use a face mask more often

Face masks allow your skin to absorb moisture that will support you in your fight against ‘winter skin’. Removing impurities from your pores, face masks will keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant as the colder weather kicks in, plus it’s a great excuse to pamper yourself! We have everything from collagen masks to purifying masks here at Beauty Base, meaning you can find the perfect face mask to suit your skin’s needs. 

We understand that skincare can often leave people feeling overwhelmed, with so many different products out there– it can seem confusing. Still, here at Beauty Base, we hope that this blog has inspired you to invest in your skincare and look after yourself during the winter months. In the long run, we’re positive that it will make a huge difference to your skin as well as confidence. To make sure that you’re feeling positive and excited about fine-tuning your usual regime, check out our full skincare range here at Beauty Base.

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