How To Put On Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro

We’ve all been there after perfecting our look with the whole works: highlight, contour, eyebrows, lipliner and setting powder. Then you’re preparing to finish with la piece de resistance, AKA our false eyelashes, only for them to then end up like two spiders crawling is on your face. However, we don’t want this to happen to our customers when they buy false eyelashes at Beauty Base! 

Woman's eyes peeking out from under a hat brim

How to choose the right fake eyelashes for my look?

Think about where you’re going, your makeup, and the outfit you’re wearing when selecting your false eyelashes for the look you want to create. There are plenty of different shapes of false eyelashes by Ardell that can complement your natural eye shape. 

For example, if you’re seeking a subtle doe-eyed look that lightly accents your natural lash line, it would be better to apply wispy false eyelashes that are like smaller lash extensions. These smaller false eyelashes are ideal for applying to the areas of your lash line that you want to add more volume while the varying lengths will mimic a more natural-looking lash.

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If you’re hoping to achieve a bolder and brighter look, false eyelashes with bright hues interspersed can be a cute colourful addition to make your lashes stand out. While if you’re a fan of a sixties winged eyeliner look, a cat-eye pair of eyelashes will be purrfect. 

How to apply false eyelashes

Putting on fake eyelashes: it’s a situation that all of us makeup lovers have faced and that strikes fear into the heart of cosmetics newbies. Never fear, we’ll take you through the process step by step and you’ll have your false eyelashes on in the blink of an eye!

Two blue eyed women with their faces pressed together

 Step 1: Breathe and relax! 

A shaky hand is not going to help when applying your false eyelashes and eyelash glue. Try to be calm, collected, and whatever you do, save the wine until after you’ve put on your lashes!

Step 2: Complete your normal makeup routine. Yes, even mascara! The mascara will help your natural lashes cling to the false lashes and they’ll blend. 

A woman applying mascara

Step 3: If you’re wearing eyeliner, invest in false eyelash glue that acts as an eyeliner. Our DUO range is perfect for eyelash glue that can blend in with your eyeliner colour or dry transparent. Apply your usual eyeliner and wait for it to be completely dry before you apply your eyelashes.

Duo Like It Lash It false eyelash glue packaging

Step 4: Use tweezers to remove the eyelashes from the packaging. Always peel them from the outer edge of the lash so that you can trim any bent edges. If you’re using strip eyelashes, compare the size to your eye by resting the false eyelashes on your lid. To figure out where the strip of your lashes should end, count 2-4 lashes inwards on your eye.  If the false eyelashes are a little big, use some nail scissors to trim the edges to prevent any corners from becoming upturned or curling round. 

Woman with afro hair and winged eyeliner smiling for a photo

Step 5: Apply the eyelash glue to the thin vein of the false eyelashes. If you’d like to be extra careful, put a few tiny dots of eyelash glue along your lashline. 

Step 6: Look down so you see your lash line. Using tweezers or the pad of your finger, gently place them along where the glue is then ensure they’re in the natural bulk of your lashes are. Use your tweezers or finger to squeeze the false lashes into your natural ones. 

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Step 7: Use your little finger to lightly brush up against your inner lash line to create a light lift. Voila, your false eyelashes are all set! 

Now that you are a false eyelashes aficionado, shop our full range of false eyelashes and accessories by brands like Ardell and Duo, which specialise in creating high-quality fake eyelashes. Then why not check out our eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to showcase your peepers? Stock up your makeup bag here and find your new favourite go-to makeup for every occasion at Beauty Base online. 

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