How To Choose The Perfect Fragrance For Mother’s Day

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  1. Is perfume a good gift for Mother’s Day?
  2. How do I choose perfume for a gift?
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It’s a difficult task to choose between women’s fragrances for a gift – especially if it’s for Mother’s Day! 

Here we’ll impart our wisdom on how to choose the perfect perfume for your mum this Mother’s Day. Plus, you can discover the women’s fragrances in our Mother’s Day collection, along with a rundown of the three main scent profiles. 

With Mother’s Day coming up on 27th March, let’s explore how to choose the perfect perfume to show her your appreciation!

Is perfume a good gift for Mother’s Day?

Perfumes are personal and require a lot of thought and consideration when choosing, so they’re a great Mother’s Day gift. 

The definition of a good fragrance depends on what people like and how they wear scents. 

How do I choose perfume for a gift?

When choosing a perfume for a Mother’s Day gift, you need to know mum’s scent preferences and fragrance habits. 

Do they wear perfume daily, or only on special occasions? Would they prefer a subtle scent or a powerful aroma? And what about their method of application: is your mum a spritz-and-go perfume wearer, or do they dab drops on their pulse points?

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A good place to start is to look at their current fragrance collection. This will give you a good idea of what scent they would likely choose for themselves. 

Perhaps you’ll spot a favourite that is soon to run out, granting the perfect opportunity to replenish her favourite perfume! 

If it’s not possible to take a peek at your mum’s existing scent collection, never fear! We think it’s useful to decide based on the main elements of perfume scents. This spring, it’s all about floral and fruity scents as the weather warms up. 

So, let’s explore this season’s women’s fragrance trends that would be the perfect Mother’s Day gifts!


Ditch the usual flowers this Mother’s Day and give mum a gift that will last much longer. A lovely, light floral fragrance is a popular Mother’s Day choice. With our collection, it’ll be difficult only to choose one!  A floral scent will smell like fresh flowers with powdery notes to prevent it from being too overpowering. 

We recommend floral scents for those who wear perfume on their wrists and pulse points, then lightly dab it. Do not rub floral perfume into your skin unless you want the scent to be strong. The heat from your skin rubbing together will warm it up and dull the scent slightly. 

Euphoria Blossom fragrance by Calvin Klein

Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein

Top notes: Pomegranate, Kumquat
Middle notes: Orchid, Pink Peony, Lotus
Base notes: Musk, White Woods, White Amber

If your mum loves flowers, we recommend Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein. Its middle notes of pink peony, orchid, and lotus complement its sweet pomegranate top note, while the musk base note ensures this mix lasts the day. Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein is a light fragrance perfect for daily wear. We recommend this perfume for the mums who like to keep it casual and relaxed yet also chic. 

Ghost perfume


Top Notes: Indian rose and Belle de Nuit
Middle Notes: Moonflower, Apricot, Peach
Base Notes: Vanilla, Whitewoods

Ghost is truly a seductive and full-bodied fragrance that cannot be imitated. Ghost is a women’s fragrance that’s bound to become the next best No.5 or L’Interdit. It’s got ‘new classic’ written all over, from the iconic lunar shaped bottle to its floral top notes of Indian rose and belle de nuit. If mum likes to get dressed up when she has drinks with the girls, this is her fragrance. 


A fruity scent is sweet succulent and will leave a refreshing afternote long after they’ve been sprayed. Fruity women’s perfume doesn’t just mean your scent is infused with citrus notes like orange. 

These scent notes feature peach, black currant, berry, mango, strawberry, and passion fruit. Jasmine and coconut water are usually mixed as complementary middle notes to even out the scent. 

Flash by Jimmy Choo Fragrance

Flash by Jimmy Choo 

Top Notes: Strawberry, Pink Pepper, Tangerine
Notes: Tuberose, Jasmine, Lily
Base Notes: Heliotrope, Blond Woods

If your mum is the life and soul of the family party, this one is for her. Flash by Jimmy Choo is carefully infused to linger with top strawberry and tangerine notes. This fresh, fruity smell is one for the extroverts among the mums. 

Lady Million fragrance by Paco Rabanne

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Top Notes: Sweet Orange, Fleshy Raspberry and Crystal Mint
Middle Notes: Orange flower, Peony sorbet and Jasmine.
Base Notes: Sensual Cashmeran, Vanilla and Vibrant Patchouli

Lady Million is a fab women’s fragrance for those who are perhaps not a huge fan of overpowering perfumes. It’s fruity with sweet orange and raspberry yet also has some mild neutral undertones with crystal mint and vanilla to balance it out. Known for its iconic diamond-shaped bottle, we predict this one will also be known as a staple in years to come. 

Dot by Marc Jacobs fragrance

Dot by March Jacobs

Top Notes: Red Berries, Dragon Fruit and Honeysuckle.
Middle Notes: Jasmine Coconut Water, Orange Blossom.
Base Notes: Vanilla, Driftwood, Musk.

For the mums with a sweet tooth, they’ll love to receive Dot by Marc Jacobs for Mother’s Day. This fruity women’s fragrance is known for being sweet and almost tropical. The top notes of red berries and dragon fruit make this scent stand out, while the jasmine and coconut water middle notes give it refreshing, cool undertones. If your mum loves to steal your Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume, then she’ll adore Dot. 

Women’s fragrances and gift sets for Mother’s Day

We hope you’ve taken some gift inspiration for Mother’s Day from our blog! Whichever women’s fragrance you decide to give your mum, grandma, aunty, or someone-like-a-mum a special treat this Mother’s Day, we’re sure they’ll love it. For more Mother’s Day gifts, check out our collection of gift sets, and Mother’s Day offers exclusive to Beauty Base online now.

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