What is Oud perfume?

Well known for its musky and dark fragrance, Oud perfume has become highly sought after in recent times. It is a unique fragrance which utilises nature to create statement scents that are timeless and classic. 

Oud is a unisex fragrance, meaning that men and women can enjoy it as a sensual and long-lasting fragrance. Often referred to as comforting and warm with a depth to its elements, it is a fragrance loved by many. 

But what is Oud perfume, and where does it originate? In this blog, we’re picking apart Oud fragrance so you can discover everything you need to know about this timeless scent. From where it comes from to our top Oud recommendations, it’s never been easier to find your perfect new fragrance. 

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What is Oud?

Where does Oud come from?

What is Oud fragrance?

How to wear Oud scents?

What are the best Oud fragrances?

What is Oud?

Oud is a scent more expensive than gold. It’s been used for thousands of years in many cultures; the first said to be the Ancient Egyptians, who used it in death rituals, cosmetics and medicines. Nowadays, hundreds of luxurious, Oud rich perfumes are available, and this stunning scent is considered a luxury that many love. 

Oud perfume derives from the Agar tree, and Agarwood and its resin extracts can be referred to as Oud. The timber from the Agar tree is well-known as one of the most expensive timbers on the planet, giving it a sense of prestige and rarity. Agar trees thrive in the middle-east and are found in Southeast Asia and in Papua New Guinea’s rainforests. However, due to popular demand, this tree has been planted in other regions to avoid over-harvesting of Oud.

Where does Oud come from?

When the Agar tree becomes infected by a particular species of mould, it produces a dense, highly-fragrant resin with a rich, deep smell as it tries to protect itself from the infection. The resin becomes embedded in the tree and becomes the source of the Oud. It is extremely rare and is often referred to as liquid gold, as the opportunities to extract Oud fragrance from the Agar tree are few and far between. 

The uniqueness of this resin has increased the demand for the product and has, in turn, created a rather pricey fragrance alternative. It has been estimated that roughly only 2% of Agar trees will end up producing the resin needed for Oud perfumes.

As Agarwood is such a prestigious essential oil, it comes with a large price tag and is said to be worth one and a half times the value of gold!

What is Oud fragrance?

As Oud is made from the Agarwood of the Aquilaria trees, its scent is dark and woody. However, as there are 15 unique species of these trees, the smell can differ depending on the tree type species it comes from and the method used to extract the resin, with some scents reminiscent of leather, whilst others take on an earthier or spicier fragrance. 

Oud fragrance has many layers, including musky and smoky undertones but is typically sweet and woody. Oud is said to be both intense and seductive and can sometimes have a peculiar, mysterious scent which can develop into a different smell when it reacts with the oils in an individual’s skin. 

Oud is often thought of as a masculine scent, and whilst there are indeed Oud notes used in many aftershaves and men’s fragrances when Oud is mixed with berries and softer notes such as roses and other florals, it can smell more feminine. 

As Oud is an intense fragrance, it shouldn’t need to be applied more than once and is a great option for those that prefer Oriental fragrances.

How to wear Oud scents

Oud is a strong and potent fragrance, and because of this, you should apply it sparingly. Its strength of scent makes it a perfect choice for colder seasons or more formal occasions requiring a luxurious scent.

As pure Oud is so rich in scent and colour, avoid spraying it into the palm of your hands, as it can easily transfer onto your clothes and cause staining. For best results and staying power, apply it to your pulse points, such as your wrist and behind your ears, as these areas remain warm, activating the scent to make it last longer.

What are the best Oud fragrances?

At Beauty Base, we have an extensive selection of Oud perfumes on offer so that you can enjoy the smell of sophistication. If you haven’t tried this stunning fragrance, why not give it a go with an Oud from our collection by trying one of our top three favourite Oud fragrances?

  1. Viali Amber Oud (Eau De Parfum Spray, 100ml)
A bottle of Viali Amber Oud perfume

Our Viali Amber Oud Eau De Parfum is the perfect addition to your dressing table. Offering the ultimate long-lasting scent, Viali Amber is most certainly the one if you are looking for a statement fragrance. With rich and oaky tones, you can enjoy some sophistication with your latest purchase.

Enjoy notes of Oud, lemon, lime, jasmine, rose, patchouli, saffron, cinnamon, and sandalwood, which slowly appear in turn, making this scent a delight filled with continuous wonder. 

  1. Haramain Amber Oud Gold (Eau De Parfum Spray, 60ml)
Haramain Amber Oud perfume

For sensuality in a bottle, Haramain Amber Oud Gold is the ideal choice for you. This Eau De Parfum is luxury in a bottle, combining rich scents with fruity fragrances. Whether you want an evening perfume or a new daily staple, Haramain Amber Oud Gold offers the versatility everybody needs within their scent collection. 

With a burst of citrus unleashed from its bergamot top notes to fruity middle notes, which settle on the skin to make way for the bottom notes of woody, musk and vanilla to come through, it’s a luxurious scent sensation that your scent collection won’t want to be without. 

  1. Hugo Boss – BOSS Bottled. Oud (Eau De Parfum 100ml)
Boss Bottled Oud

The infamous brand BOSS offers a stunning Oud scent with 100% natural Oud. With oaky and rich aromas, it adds something different to your usual fragrance go-to.

Luxuriously masculine, this Oud scent builds on the success of the classic BOSS fragrance. With citrus and apple top notes and a spicy heart, the base notes of Oud, sandalwood and Cypriola add a rich, mysterious and authoritative finish to this scent. A male must-have. 

Shop Oud fragrances at Beauty Base 

If you love rich, deep, woody fragrances and have struggled to find your perfect scent, Oud could be the perfect one for you. This luxurious aroma may be rare and expensive, but it will offer long-lasting wearability and a scent profile that no one can ignore.

Explore our women’s Oud fragrances range and our Oud scents for men to find your new favourite. Or, for a similar scent profile, why not browse our Oriental fragrances?

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