How to achieve the healthy, sun-kissed look

The sun on your skin, the salty breeze through your hair, the sounds of the ocean, we can almost smell the pina coladas. That sun-kissed, post-sunbathe glow will always be a look. 

The term “sun-kissed” has been used in many makeup tutorials over the years and has become a staple look for women all over the world. With pictures and videos of people rocking the sun-kissed vibe flooding our social media feeds, how do you achieve this all year round?

The great thing about using products to recreate the look that the sun on our skin can create is that you aren’t exposing yourself to sun damage or running the risk of nasty outcomes like sunstroke. 

So that poses the ultimate question, how do I achieve a sun-kissed look without the sun?


The prep

How you prepare your skin for makeup is so important, especially to achieve a glowing, healthy look. Your choice of skin care can help with your skin concerns, be it minimising the appearance of pores, adding moisture back into dry skin, and protecting against sun and UV damage.

FrezyDerm Sun Screen Velvet Face Cream SPF 30

That being said, we highly recommend Frezyderm’s Sunscreen Velvet Face Cream. With SPF 30, the sunscreen is the perfect starting point to create a sun-kissed glow from within, all whilst providing high-level protection from the first layer of the product. 

The face cream doesn’t leave your skin with that pesky white tint and instead offers a velvet finish that mattifies natural oils for up to 6 hours. The perfect qualities for a cracking start to the sun-kissed look, the non-oily nature of the product leaves you free to add your preferred amount of glow and shine with the products you use on top. Equally, it is a great product to use alone on those make-up-free days. 
We also stock FrezyDerm’s tinted velvet face cream in SPF 30 and 50, if you’re looking to incorporate a lightweight coverage to your skincare.

A bottle of the sunscreen velvet face cream by Frezyderm.

The base

A common misconception when creating the perfect sun-kissed look is that it’s all about the bronzer. Of course, bronzer helps to give the skin a healthy glow and, combined with contour, simultaneously sculpts the face.

However, your base is one of the most important steps in any makeup look. At Beauty Base, we stock a fabulous range of base products, perfect for achieving that post-holiday, summer look we all love.

L.A. Girl Tinted Foundation

One of our favourite products is the Tinted Foundation by L.A. Girl, created with a buildable formula so you can add as much coverage as you like each time you wear it. 

In keeping with the sun-kissed effect, we recommend a tinted foundation because of its natural finish, mimicking a holiday glow perfectly. 

Grab your favourite foundation brush or sponge, or use your hands to gently tap and buff the foundation into your skin until you’re happy with the coverage. We stock a vast shade range at Beauty Base, meaning you can find your perfect match!

The L.A. Girl tinted foundation.

BPerfect Chroma Concealer

A fabulous option for adding extra coverage to your skin is through concealing, a popular technique that has been shared in makeup tutorials online for many years. Concealer allows you to be more specific about where you’d like fuller coverage without sacrificing the dewy finish of the tinted foundation.

The BPerfect Chroma Concealer is also a great product for brightening the high points of your face, as well as correcting any discolouration that may occur, such as under the eyes.

With over eight shades to choose from, you can create many different looks with the Chroma concealer.

Try a lighter shade for areas you’d like to brighten and draw attention to and a slightly darker, warmer shade to add depth to areas like the cheekbones, temple and jawline. The versatility of this concealer is endless!

The BPerfect Chroma concealer.

The finishing touches

Now you’ve got the base on and have built the coverage you like, it’s time to add dimension and warmth back into the skin, the foundations for a sun-kissed look!


When many people think of a sun-kissed makeup look, bronzer may be where their thoughts first go. After all, the aftermath for many after a day in the sun is a bronzy glow to the skin.

When applied to the areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit, bronzer is an effective way to give yourself a healthy, radiant look that can look as natural or enhanced as you like.

BPerfect Dimensions Fahrenheit Bronzer

At Beauty Base, we can’t get enough of the Fahrenheit bronzers by BPerfect. They’re available in three shades.

  • Ember’ – a golden tan.
  • Burnt’, a neutral bronze.
  • Flare’, a deep golden tan.

Ever versatile, BPerfect has incorporated a mirror into the packaging of their Fahrenheit bronzers, making it easier than ever to bronze up on the go!

The formula of the bronzer means you can build it up, making it great for those who want to avoid a heavy look as you’re in full control of the pigment you are applying. As our face is often exposed to the sun more often than our neck, don’t forget to bring your bronzer down to ensure no harsh lines.

The BPerfect Fahrenheit bronzer.


A step that many overlook when creating the ultimate sun-kissed look that mimics the real thing, is blush. People worry about ending up with clown-like red cheeks. However, when applied gently and built up, the rosy glow that blush can give the skin is very beautiful.

Milani Baked Blush

You’ve probably heard about the Milani Baked Blushers. Perhaps you’ve seen them used by various beauty influencers on social media. Either way, they are well worth the hype. We suggest applying it to the apples of your cheeks and buffing slightly towards your cheekbones to give a healthy lifted tint to the face.

The shade names are adorable, with arguably their most well-known shade, Luminoso, created with hues from classic Italian terracotta tiles in mind. We don’t know about you, but an Italian summer on the Amalfi Coast completely embodies the sun-kissed look, in our opinion. 

The Milani baked blush in the shade Luminoso.

Another fabulous shade from Milani that would finish the look elegantly is the radiant peachy finish of ‘Bella Belini’.


Another beauty product made famous by the YouTube MUA, highlighter often features as the final component after you’ve applied bronzer and blush. 

LaRoc PRO Cosmic Kisses Highlighter Palette

We’re all about using products for different purposes and looks at Beauty Base, so we must tell you about the Cosmic Kisses highlighter palette by LaRoc PRO. The palette contains six gorgeous shades, all varying in undertone, yet would all help you to complete the sun-kissed look effortlessly.

Whether it’s the elegant ‘Galactic’ shade or a champagne effect through the ‘Magic’ shade, there is a shade for every skin tone and preference within this palette.

The LaRoc PRO Cosmic Kisses highlighter palette.

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