How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Best Friend

If you’re single or simply choosing to spend Valentine’s Day with your best friend, there’s no reason why you can’t swap gifts that you know you’ll both love! At Beauty Base we’ve put together the ultimate Galentine’s Day gift guide for those gals who want to treat each other to a few beauty products that they can try out together. Along with a bottle of wine to share, we think a girl’s night on Valentine’s Day sounds perfect, whatever your relationship status! Girls night out What better way to celebrate... Read More


Beauty Blogger Favourites: Makeup Dupes

Many people will have that one product in their makeup collection that they rely on everyday that they know will deliver perfect results every time., whether it’s a great high coverage concealer or a favourite eyebrow pencil. When it comes to beauty products, there are those individuals who buy premium makeup or high street makeup exclusively and those who mix and match. But are there high street makeup products that can be easily compared to their premium counterparts which can offer the same results whilst being kinder on our purses?... Read More


Christmas Gift Guide: For Him & Her

It’s that time of year again! We’re getting ready to hunt down the best gifts for our friends and loved ones for Christmas, trying to find something memorable, special or unique to give them on the big day. Luckily, here at Beauty Base we have a whole host of exciting festive gift options for the men and women in your life, and we’ve put together a handy Christmas gift guide of all of our top picks to make present shopping that little bit easier! Ladies Christmas Gifts Whether you’re keen... Read More


BFF Halloween Ideas

It can be a mind boggling task trying to think of a Halloween costume that will make an impression at whatever spooky themed event you’re planning to attend- we want every year’s costume to be better than the last! So why not join forces this Hallows eve and team up with your BFF to create an eerie duo look this year? At Beauty Base we’re taking a look at our favourite best friends Halloween costumes that take ghoulish inspiration from some of the best movies ever made, plus some classic... Read More


What To Pack For A Winter Break

Summer may officially be over at home but other popular tourist hotspots are still enjoying the last of the sunshine and warm temperatures that we’ve spent a couple of months chasing. Grabbing that last bit of sun before winter can be a great way to prepare for the colder months, and a final break before the festive period begins. So why book a winter break, and what do you pack for it? There are so many reasons to delay your annual holiday to September, October and even November, including: Lower... Read More


Beauty Tips: Festival Makeup Guide

Summers are all about jetting off on holiday to tropical climes, late evening BBQ’s at home with friends and of course, enjoying the live music on offer at some of the best festivals the UK has to offer. Let’s be honest, packing for a festival can be equally as stressful as packing for a two week holiday. Alongside your willies, denim shorts and band tees, you’re also going to want to have everything with you for your daily makeup – and maybe some extra for something special! Create the festival... Read More


Sunshine Scents! Summer Fragrances at Beauty Base

We’ve already been treated to a few beer garden days so far this year, so fingers crossed it continues! Whether you’re hitting the beaches of some tropical foreign land or having a staycation with friends, this summer is finally here for the taking. Updating your fragrance collection can be a great way to get the new season started, so join us at Beauty Base and get your summer fragrance fix with our top picks. Hazy summer days and balmy evenings Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a... Read More


How To Get Glowing Skin For Summer

Like a butterfly emerging from it’s wintery cocoon, it’s time for us to shed our dull skin and step towards the sunshine! At Beauty Base we have an abundance of skincare products that can help you achieve glowing skin for summer, and in this post we’re taking a look at ways to get that perfect skin we all seek. Treat your skin from the inside out A good place to start when beginning a skin glowing regime is to take a hard look at your current diet. See if it... Read More


A Guide to W7 Makeup Brushes

It’s fair to say that make up addicts place a high importance on their tools and accessories — after all, how else are we supposed to get that flawless look day after day? The quest for the best makeup brushes truly never ends, and it’s often trial and error before finding your favourite make-up brush set. Here at Beauty Base, we stock a great collection of W7 make up brushes and sponges that we think you will love, so take a look and consider adding them to your collection. Makeup... Read More

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Cruelty-Free Beauty: Vegan Beauty Products

Cruelty-free makeup has garnered a lot of attention lately. Without any of the harmful chemicals tested on animals first, beauty brands are looking at ways to safely test makeup using other methods, passing on ethically sound products to their customers. Here at Beauty Base, we want to highlight our current vegan beauty brands — which include makeup and skincare brands — to open up a cruelty-free world of products you’re bound to want to add to your beauty product collection. What is vegan beauty? Quite simply, a vegan beauty product... Read More