Small perfume bottle with flowers 16/03/2022

How To Choose The Perfect Fragrance For Mother’s Day

It’s a difficult task to choose between women’s fragrances for a gift - especially if it’s for Mother’s Day! Here we’ll impart our wisdom on how to choose the perfect perfume for your mum this Mother’s Day. Plus, you can discover the women’s fragrances in our Mother’s Day collection, along with a rundown of the three main scent profiles.

Mother and baby 09/03/2022

Our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like us, we’ve already started shopping for the perfect gift. Every mum is different, but one thing remains the same: we want to show them how much we appreciate them. So from skincare favourites to fragrances, discover how you can spoil mum this Mother’s Day 27th March with perfumes, cosmetics, and more at Beauty Base.


What is Oud perfume?

Oud perfume has become highly popular, well known for its musky and dark fragrance this scent has become highly sought after in recent times. It is a unique fragrance which utilises nature to create statement scents that are timeless and classic. Contrary to popular belief, Oud perfume isn’t strictly for men. Both men and women can enjoy oud perfume for a sensual and long-lasting fragrance.  Oud is often referred to as a comforting fragrance that offers warmth and depth in its elements and is a much-loved fragrance due to its... Read More

popular perfume ads 09/09/2020

The Most Popular Perfume Ads to Inspire Your Fragrance Wishlist

At Beauty Base, we consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of all things beautiful, and that includes our wide selection of fragrances for men and women. But, we understand that if you don’t already have a favourite scent or if you are looking to try something new, it can be difficult knowing where to start. This is why we thought we would share with you some of our favourite perfume adverts that made us fall in love with the fragrances behind them.  Read through our top ten list of the most... Read More

Fragrance Wheel 29/04/2020

Understanding The Fragrance Wheel

If you’re searching for advice on how to choose a new fragrance, you may have come across the fragrance wheel. The fragrance wheel is a useful tool that can help us understand how different scents belong to certain families, and how these scents can complement each other.  Understanding the fragrance wheel can be an important first step in finding a fragrance that can truly become your signature scent! But where to begin understanding how to use it? We’ll talk you through everything we know about the scent families that make... Read More


His & Hers: Best Perfumes for a Valentine’s Date

Fragrances are the ultimate Valentine’s day gift choice for men and women due to their personal nature; you have to be familiar with the other person’s tastes in order to successfully pick a scent they’ll enjoy. A special scent received from a loved one is a romantic notion which has been reinforced for years, so we’ve put together our foolproof fragrance gift guide to inspire you this Valentine’s day. Valentine’s gift sets for women Our range of fragrance gift sets make for the ideal gift with their little extras to... Read More

Ultimate Aftershave Guide 03/12/2019

The Best Aftershave For Men

One of the most common questions we’re asked is: ‘what is the best aftershave for men?’, along with ‘what is aftershave and how does it work?’. While everyone would like one magic potion to fix all their skincare and grooming problems, the answer is not so simple. The best aftershave depends on what your skin needs. However, when it comes to the best aftershave for men to wear, finding the right scent along with the perfect formula to suit your skin and routine can be tricky. So whether you’re searching... Read More


A Brief History of Perfume

Fragrance is an important part of our everyday lives, with each of us having our own favourite signature scent that we can’t resist spritzing before leaving the house. A fragrance has the power to evoke memories, transporting us to specific times or places in our lives, and can hold a special meaning to us personally. We often reserve specific fragrances for use during day and night time, or one that we wear daily and another saved for those special occasions! Fragrances are often bought as gifts for occasions such as... Read More