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Beauty Trends by Decade: A Journey Through the Last 50 Years

At Beauty Base, it’s almost our 50th anniversary; throughout that time, we have seen beauty trends evolve and change. We have seen the rise and fall of everything from skinny eyebrows to contouring. Within this post, we will explore many of the heritage of beauty trends of the past 50 years (some of them you should emulate, whereas others you should definitely stay away from!) And we’ll also walk through some of the most popular brands we offer and explore their impact on the beauty industry over the last 50... Read More

Makeup 27/03/2023

Here’s How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes And Sponges

You’d be shocked at how much damage dirty makeup brushes and sponges can do to your otherwise perfect skin. We use makeup brushes and sponges daily to help contour and paint our faces, but how often do any of us clean these tools we use so often? Expert dermatologists and makeup artists recommend giving our makeup brushes and sponges at least a good weekly clean. Be honest, who hasn’t even cleaned their makeup brushes in the last couple of months? No judgement here; time flies when your makeup looks this... Read More

Woman's eyes peeking out from under a hat brim 05/01/2022

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro

We’ve all been there after perfecting our look with the whole works: highlight, contour, eyebrows, lipliner and setting powder. Then you’re preparing to finish with la piece de resistance, AKA our false eyelashes, only for them to then end up like two spiders crawling is on your face. However, we don’t want this to happen to our customers when they buy false eyelashes at Beauty Base!  How to choose the right fake eyelashes for my look? Think about where you’re going, your makeup, and the outfit you’re wearing when selecting... Read More

How to look after your skin during menopause 13/03/2020

How To Look After Your Skin During Menopause

We know that our menstrual cycle can affect our skin as hormone levels change in our bodies, so it stands to reason that as one of the biggest hormonal changes our bodies can go through, menopause can have a huge impact on our skin too! If you’re approaching or beginning menopause, our guide will prepare you for any changes and will offer advice on how to look after your skin during menopause! What Is Menopause? While many women believe that menopause lasts years, it actually refers to your last menstrual... Read More

Beauty Base Kissable Lips Guide 09/01/2020

The Ultimate Guide To Kissable Lips

Kissable lips aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got a date coming up or you’re just looking for a great self-care treatment, our guide to kissable lips will have you feeling ready to pucker up and pout in no time. We’ll teach you how to get smooth lips that feel super soft to kiss as well as how to apply lipstick for long-lasting wear that will keep your lips looking kissable for longer. How To Get Smooth Lips Exfoliate The first step is to exfoliate, especially if your lips... Read More

Top 7 Eyebrow Tips 16/10/2019

Our Top 7 Eyebrow Tips

Once upon a time, eyebrows were something we paid very little attention to. In the beauty world, eyebrows have become an essential part of any grooming or makeup routine, even if you’re looking to get a natural brow look!  There’s plenty of advice on how to shape your eyebrows and how to make the whole process easier, so to sift through some of that advice, we’ve rounded up our very favourite eyebrow tips to help you make the most of your eyebrows – natural or otherwise. 1. Find the best... Read More

Ultimate Guide to Fake Tan 26/07/2019

The Ultimate Guide to Fake Tan

If you’re searching for that all year round glow, fake tanning is one of the safest methods of achieving that beautiful sunkissed look from the comfort of your home. While fake tanning doesn’t have to be super complicated, it’s something that a lot of us have reservations or questions about. We’ve put together our ultimate guide to fake tan to help guide you through the fake tanning process and answer some of the most popular questions about fake tanning. We’ll get you feeling confident about fake tan in no time!... Read More

How to apply eyeliner 12/06/2019

How To Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the most impactful makeup items in any beauty kit, able to change the shape of your eyes, accentuate them, and add to the overall effect of any eye makeup look. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the trickiest kinds of makeup to apply. With so many different eyeliner types and eyeliner techniques to choose from, it can be difficult to know which eyeliner to choose and how best to apply it! In our guide to applying eyeliner perfectly, we’ll talk you through all things eyeliner... Read More


How To Do Halloween Make Up With Celeb Make Up Artist Em-J

Halloween is slowly creeping upon us and it’s time to get thinking about what character you’re going to be creating as your Halloween alter-ego this year! Luckily our beauty ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Em-J has put together a fabulous zombie bride makeup look for us to copy for Halloween 2018. Take a look at her makeup application video and find out how you can replicate her zombie makeup look with products from Beauty Base. So, how do you do zombie makeup for Halloween? Whether you’re heading out to the... Read More


Beauty Tips: Festival Makeup Guide

Summers are all about jetting off on holiday to tropical climes, late evening BBQ’s at home with friends and of course, enjoying the live music on offer at some of the best festivals the UK has to offer. Let’s be honest, packing for a festival can be equally as stressful as packing for a two week holiday. Alongside your willies, denim shorts and band tees, you’re also going to want to have everything with you for your daily makeup – and maybe some extra for something special! Create the festival... Read More