“How to” Makeup Guides


A Guide to W7 Makeup Brushes

It’s fair to say that make up addicts place a high importance on their tools and accessories — after all, how else are we supposed to get that flawless look day after day? The quest for the best makeup brushes truly never ends, and it’s often trial and error before finding your favourite make-up brush set. Here at Beauty Base, we stock a great collection of W7 make up brushes and sponges that we think you will love, so take a look and consider adding them to your collection. Makeup... Read More


Tricks and Tips – How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

  Liquid eyeliner can be a tricky product to apply when it comes to makeup. Unlike pencil, if you make a mistake you can’t just smudge it off. No one wants messy liquid eyeliner when they have spent ages perfecting their makeup. So how can you perfect your liquid eyeliner? Tip #1 – Start off with by applying a line of pencil. You can use this as a guide for your liquid eyeliner. Simple draw across your top lash line using a dark eye liner pencil, then follow the same... Read More