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Three girls smiling in a field of sunflowers on a sunny day with a blue sky. 03/08/2023
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How to achieve the healthy, sun-kissed look

The sun on your skin, the salty breeze through your hair, the sounds of the ocean, we can almost smell the pina coladas. That sun-kissed, post-sunbathe glow will always be a look.  The term “sun-kissed” has been used in many makeup tutorials over the years and has become a staple look for women all over the world. With pictures and videos of people rocking the sun-kissed vibe flooding our social media feeds, how do you achieve this all year round? The great thing about using products to recreate the look... Read More

Vegan Beauty 03/03/2020

The Beauty Base Guide to Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty may be a rising trend among influencers and beauty gurus, but for many of us, it is a total lifestyle change. Getting adjusted to the world of vegan beauty can seem complicated, but with the right mindset and information, it can unlock a world of fun by trying and testing new and exciting products. At Beauty Base, we are proud to offer a diverse range of vegan beauty products and vegan skincare and to help you on your quest for a guilt-free cosmetics collection, we have put together... Read More

Top Vegan Makeup Brands 19/06/2019

Our Top Vegan Makeup Brands

The popularity of veganism is continuing to rise, and with more beauty gurus demanding vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to mainstream makeup products, there are increasing numbers of vegan makeup brands who use entirely vegan ingredients as well as cruelty-free production and testing methods. We’ve brought together a collection of vegan makeup that’s designed to meet your vegan makeup at every point of your makeup regime, from vegan primer to vegan eyeliner and beyond. Explore our full collection of vegan makeup or browse by makeup type below. Vegan Primer & Vegan... Read More


Veganuary – How To Switch To Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup With Em-J

Veganuary is a time when many of us are considering taking the leap towards eating a plant-based diet, or opting for more vegan products in our everyday lives. If you’re thinking about switching to vegan beauty products, or simply cruelty-free makeup, you can make small changes with no effort at all! At Beauty Base we offer a range of ethical skincare and makeup, and we’ve got together with our official beauty ambassador, vegan beauty lover EM-J to discuss the vegan beauty industry. What inspired you to become a cruelty-free beauty... Read More


Guide To Vegan Beauty With Celebrity Makeup Artist Em-J

Have you ever wondered what essential makeup products are included in a professional makeup artist’s kit? At Beauty Base we were certainly intrigued, so to find out the tricks of the trade we’ve joined forces with celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Em-J to find out which products she loves from our makeup collection. With her passion for using cruelty free makeup and makeup accessories, we felt that Em-J would be the perfect partner to represent our vegan makeup range! Introducing Em-J London based celebrity makeup artist Em-J is an... Read More