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A Brief History of Perfume

Fragrance is an important part of our everyday lives, with each of us having our own favourite signature scent that we can’t resist spritzing before leaving the house. A fragrance has the power to evoke memories, transporting us to specific times or places in our lives, and can hold a special meaning to us personally. We often reserve specific fragrances for use during day and night time, or one that we wear daily and another saved for those special occasions! Fragrances are often bought as gifts for occasions such as... Read More

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How To Choose The Perfect Summer Fragrance

At Beauty Base we believe that summer is the perfect season for choosing a brand new scent. It’s the time of year when the longer days mean more socialising with friends, holidays abroad and more time spent outside. Special occasions and summer holidays call for wonderful matching summer fragrances, and we’ve got some excellent options available to choose from. The Perfect Summer Fragrance Step aside overpowering, heavy scents, summertime is all about tropical, fruity notes that offer a light, lingering scent. Notes of mandarin, blackberry and jasmine are fantastically lush,... Read More


Fragrance Focus: CK2

A new fragrance release from designer giant Calvin Klein is always big news here at Beauty Base, and their latest offering is no different. The gender neutral CK2 scent has landed with a splash due to it’s sleek, purist packaging and fresh, minimalistic look. The scent itself balances two opposing forces; the strike of spicy electric freshness and the warmth of magnetic woods. CK have created a contemporary fragrance for the new generation to enjoy and relish during their personal adventures and discoveries. Complex while cool and natural, here we... Read More