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a vintage perfume bottle sits on a pink silk sheet 27/03/2023

The 5 Best Affordable Perfumes For Women

A spritz of your favourite perfume always feels luxurious, and there’s nothing better than a good fragrance to boost your confidence and elevate your mood. At Beauty Base, we believe every woman deserves the opportunity to find a scent to fall in love with; that’s why we’ve rounded up our top picks on the best affordable perfumes for women.  From designer fragrances to celebrity scents, our choices will leave you smelling great without breaking the bank! And with our tips on how to make your fragrance last longer included, it’s... Read More

Small perfume bottle with flowers 16/03/2022

How To Choose The Perfect Fragrance For Mother’s Day

It’s a difficult task to choose between women’s fragrances for a gift - especially if it’s for Mother’s Day! Here we’ll impart our wisdom on how to choose the perfect perfume for your mum this Mother’s Day. Plus, you can discover the women’s fragrances in our Mother’s Day collection, along with a rundown of the three main scent profiles.