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CC Cream vs BB Cream 05/04/2019
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CC Cream vs BB Cream

Alphabet creams are all the rage of late, with beauty bloggers and beauty mavens alike making them a staple part of their makeup routines. Whichever letter you choose, the idea behind these alphabet creams is to find a middle ground between moisturiser and foundation that leaves you with the nourishing skincare benefits and complexion coverage of both. However, with so many letters to choose from, how do you know which cream is right for you? We’ll talk you through what each alphabet cream does from BB to CC through to... Read More

The Best Primer For Different Skin Types 03/04/2019

The Best Primer For Different Skin Types

Makeup lovers everywhere understand that primer is a must. Whether primer is a staple if – in? your makeup bag or you’re totally new to the wonderful world of primer, you can learn so much just by going back to basics when it comes to what primer does, how to apply primer, and which primer will suit your skin best! This primer guide takes a deep dive into all of this and more, so if you’re looking to study up on all things primer and how it can help your makeup... Read More


A Brief History of Perfume

Fragrance is an important part of our everyday lives, with each of us having our own favourite signature scent that we can’t resist spritzing before leaving the house. A fragrance has the power to evoke memories, transporting us to specific times or places in our lives, and can hold a special meaning to us personally. We often reserve specific fragrances for use during day and night time, or one that we wear daily and another saved for those special occasions! Fragrances are often bought as gifts for occasions such as... Read More


Veganuary – How To Switch To Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup With Em-J

Veganuary is a time when many of us are considering taking the leap towards eating a plant-based diet, or opting for more vegan products in our everyday lives. If you’re thinking about switching to vegan beauty products, or simply cruelty-free makeup, you can make small changes with no effort at all! At Beauty Base we offer a range of ethical skincare and makeup, and we’ve got together with our official beauty ambassador, vegan beauty lover EM-J to discuss the vegan beauty industry. What inspired you to become a cruelty-free beauty... Read More


2019 Beauty Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

At Beauty Base we’re always on the hunt for the very best beauty products to help us achieve our favourite beauty trends. A new year always means a change in fashionable looks or products, so whether you’re looking to refresh a style you love or wanting to adopt something brand new, let’s look ahead to see the 2019 beauty trends for makeup, hair, skincare and nails! Skin We’re already loving our facial exfoliating scrubs once or twice a week as a way to refresh the skin, but a skincare trend... Read More


Best of 2018 Beauty & Fragrances

It’s been an exciting year at Beauty Base and as we get ready to embrace the new year, we’re taking a look at the best of 2018 beauty and fragrances that you’ve been loving as part of your daily routine. Not only are we sharing some of our bestselling products, but our fabulous celebrity makeup artist beauty ambassador Em-J is also providing us with her favourite vegan beauty products! Read ahead to see if any of your favourite beauty products or perfumes have made our list. Carolina Herrera Good Girl... Read More


Beauty Base Christmas Wishlist: Beauty & Fragrance

At Beauty Base we have an amazing collection of Christmas beauty gifts, perfume gift sets and stocking filler ideas to inspire you with your present shopping. So whether you’re searching for budget beauty gifts for the makeup addict in your life, or a special fragrance for your significant other, you’re sure to discover the perfect selection of gifts to suit your budget with our Beauty Base Christmas wishlist! Beauty Gifts Any beauty fan knows the importance of a good eyeshadow palette and how it can deliver a multitude of different... Read More


Winter Skincare Evening Routine With Em-J

Is there anything better than closing the door on a cold night and getting cosy with a pamper session using all of your favourite skincare products? Here at Beauty Base we’re all about adapting our skincare to fulfil what our skin needs depending on the season, and during the winter time, there’s a big focus on keeping skin moisturised and protected from the harsh elements. This month we teamed up with our Beauty Base ambassador celebrity makeup artist Em-J and asked her to show us her ultimate winter skincare evening... Read More


Best Beauty Buys of 2018: The Beauty Base Favourites

Today we’re sharing our best beauty buys that have made a big impression on us and our customers, including a selection of bestsellers from the makeup department here at Beauty Base. From the best foundation for flawless skin to the essential eyeshadow palette needed for the perfect smokey eye, discover our top beauty products and find something to fill any gaps in your own makeup collection! For the Base Milani Conceal + Perfect 2in1 Foundation A product that certainly lives up to its hype in the beauty world has to... Read More


How To Do Halloween Make Up With Celeb Make Up Artist Em-J

Halloween is slowly creeping upon us and it’s time to get thinking about what character you’re going to be creating as your Halloween alter-ego this year! Luckily our beauty ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Em-J has put together a fabulous zombie bride makeup look for us to copy for Halloween 2018. Take a look at her makeup application video and find out how you can replicate her zombie makeup look with products from Beauty Base. So, how do you do zombie makeup for Halloween? Whether you’re heading out to the... Read More