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A Brief History of Perfume

Fragrance is an important part of our everyday lives, with each of us having our own favourite signature scent that we can’t resist spritzing before leaving the house. A fragrance has the power to evoke memories, transporting us to specific times or places in our lives, and can hold a special meaning to us personally. We often reserve specific fragrances for use during day and night time, or one that we wear daily and another saved for those special occasions! Fragrances are often bought as gifts for occasions such as... Read More


Our Favourite Fragrances For Spring

(Image credit: Tongle Dakum) Spring is finally here! Our wardrobes are long due an update, our moods are lifted with the frequent appearance of the sun, and thoughts of summer holidays begin picking up. The new season is also the perfect excuse to refresh your signature scent and take your pick of the wonderful spring fragrances available at Beauty Base. For the warmer days and lighter evenings, it’s all about delicate, fresh perfumes and colognes. Mix and match to suit your activities and mood, or stay faithful to a new... Read More


How to Choose The Perfect Fragrance For Mother’s Day

(Image credit: Jon Flobrant) Choosing a fragrance for someone else can be a difficult task due to it’s personal nature. You need to be aware of their likes and dislikes, scent preferences and fragrance habits. Do they wear perfume daily, or only on special occasions? Would they prefer a subtle scent or a powerful aroma? Read ahead for our advice on how to choose the perfect perfume for your mum this Mother’s Day. A good place to start is to take a look at their current fragrance collection to get... Read More

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The Ideal Morning Routine For The Lazy Girl

(Image credit: Benjamin Combs)   Multiple hits of the snooze button may sound like a good wake up call to ease you into the day, but giving your body several false alarms can actually play havoc with the rest of your day. If you tend to wake up with a fuzzy-head, consider setting an alarm and sticking to getting up at that time to avoid that groggy feeling. If you aren’t an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal, we hear you. And sometimes a quick morning routine... Read More


His & Hers: Best Perfumes for a Valentine’s Date

Fragrances are the ultimate Valentine’s day gift choice for men and women due to their personal nature; you have to be familiar with the other person’s tastes in order to successfully pick a scent they’ll enjoy. A special scent received from a loved one is a romantic notion which has been reinforced for years, so we’ve put together our foolproof fragrance gift guide to inspire you this Valentine’s day. Valentine’s gift sets for women Our range of fragrance gift sets make for the ideal gift with their little extras to... Read More


4 DIY Beauty Trends to Try in 2017

    As with all trends, there are cycles of popularity and revivals of styles gone by. However, some beauty trends for 2017 are surprisingly fresh, with modern takes on old favourites, and at Beauty Base we can’t wait to show you what this year has in store. 80’s nostalgia We’re all aware of the impact that the recent revival of the 90’s trends have had in the fashion and beauty world (hello chokers and lipgloss), and this year will see a subtle nod to the 80’s. If you’ve always... Read More


Best Of Beauty Base 2016

As another year comes to a close, we’re in a reflective mood here at Beauty Base and wanted to share with you the products you loved the most in 2016. From beauty products to fragrances, we continued to provide the very best for our customers. The old favourites Some fragrances just stand the test of time, and lovers of the following scents must have enjoyed replenishing their favourite classic fragrances this year. Paco Rabanne definitely proved to be a popular brand with Lady Million and 1 Million being in our... Read More

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Top 5 Evening Fragrances

Seeing as December is all about the socialising, at Beauty Base we have put together our list of favourite evening fragrances which are perfect for the party season. Whether you’re in need of a new scent for the staff Christmas party, festive date nights or family get togethers, there’ll be something for you. Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence A sparkier version of the original Decadence scent, you’ll be impressed with the exotic blend of vanilla, orange blossom and even champagne – perfect for a night out! Even the packaging of the... Read More

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Ladies Christmas Gift Guide

Here at Beauty Base we’ve put together some fragrance and beauty gift ideas for the ladies in your life to enjoy this Christmas. From fragrances to beauty, you can rely on us to help you buy the perfect gifts this year. Fragrance gift sets for her Gift sets are a wonderful present option due to the extras you receive as well as a full size fragrance. Plus, by using scented body wash and body lotion, the fragrance lasts longer for a more powerful scent. We love the stunning gift set... Read More


Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

Here at Beauty Base we’ve put together some fragrance and skincare gift ideas for the men in your life to enjoy this Christmas. As fragrances are not something that men would necessarily buy for themselves, this makes them ideal gifts for Christmas. We’ve got some fantastic men’s fragrance gift sets for you to choose from, with sets from well known designer brands that are bound to impress. For a modern and masculine scent perfect for boyfriends and brothers, we suggest the popular Invictus gift set from Paco Rabanne which includes... Read More