The Most Popular Perfume Ads to Inspire Your Fragrance Wishlist

At Beauty Base, we consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of all things beautiful, and that includes our wide selection of fragrances for men and women. But, we understand that if you don’t already have a favourite scent or if you are looking to try something new, it can be difficult knowing where to start. This is why we thought we would share with you some of our favourite perfume adverts that made us fall in love with the fragrances behind them. 

Read through our top ten list of the most popular perfume adverts and rediscover old favourites and new hidden gems today.

IDÔLE by Lancome 

Riding through the busy city on a shining steed, Zendaya gives us the ultimate breaking free fantasy as she exudes power. The contrast of her flowing gown billowing on the back of her bright white horse against the backdrop of the concrete jungle combines the two worlds that every woman wants to conquer. We have all fallen in love with Zendaya’s beauty, and seeing her champion the IDÔLE by Lancome fragrance in this advert ensures everyone’s attention is captured.

CK One By Calvin Klein 

“One for all”, CK One by Calvin Klein is the first unisex fragrance to gather worldwide popularity, and with its many iconic adverts over the years it is not hard to see why. With a broad mix of people showcasing the love for this perfume, the advert speaks of revolution for young people and is a staple among many generations. For us, it’s the message of inclusivity which has firmly put this ad in our favourites list.

Giorgio Armani Code

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Armani created a cinematic story for their new fragrance, Code. The ad showcases the scent as a classic and timeless staple that every man should incorporate into their daily routines, offering authenticity at its core. The red light within the advertisement creates suspense and a feeling of ingeniousness, as the movie-like ad unfolds its plot. With Ryan Reynolds playing an agent, audiences understand the mystery and seductive nature of Armani Code. 

Moschino Toy 2

Starring supermodel Devon Aoki, Moschino Toy 2’s advert embodies the brand’s’ edgy and empowering vibe. Moschino’s iconic teddy perfume is back with a bang, and this ad will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. Dedicated to demonstrating the sensual nature of this scent, the black and white images convey strong and independent women. 

Invictus & Olympéa by Paco Rabanne 

We love this advert for Paco Rabanne’s male and female fragrances, Invictus and Olympéa, as it breaks the mould for the usual fantasy videos we see. Instead of glittering lights and flashing cameras, we are transported to the world of the Gods, but this time it’s a gritty, post-apocalyptic world that gives us serious Mad Max vibes. Chased by a huge sand monster and a hoard of dystopian warriors stars Luma Grothe and Nick Youngquest defeat them all to become the champions. Quickly becoming one of the most popular fragrances for young men and women, Paco Rabanne has captured the scents perfectly with this iconic advert. 

Giorgio Armani Diamonds

What better way to advertise your new fragrance than with an ad that features Beyonce? This passionate and female-driven ad personifies the Giorgio Armani women’s fragrance of strength, fierceness and empowerment. With the classic hit Diamonds Are a Girls’ Best Friend sung by Beyonce, the advert demonstrates how the perfume is guaranteed to add some sparkle into your life. 

Old Spice 

What is a list of the most popular fragrance ads without the absolute classic that is Old Spice? We love this advert for its cheeky humour and, of course, the velvety smooth voice and hunky physique of the actor. Men and women are compelled to watch this ad whenever it pops up, plus, coupled with the iconic scent – it’s not hard to see why this advert has made our most popular perfumes list. 

Boss Bottled

Featuring the infamous Chris Hemsworth, this fragrance emanates high class and masculine features. This ad is stylish and demonstrates the timeless nature of Boss Bottled. The inspirational script speaks of what makes a man, encouraging customers to look deeper than appearance to find their true selves. Hugo Boss bottled not only smells fantastic but exemplifies what you can get done when you put your mind to it.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent 

Starring the gorgeous Zoe Kravitz, this ad for Black Opium made our top favourites list for its breaking the mould style. Unlike a lot of other ads which showcase the beautiful woman in a fairytale dress and adored by everyone around her, this advert takes on a dark and powerful style to represent the fragrance. Making her way through the city, people join Zoe as she ‘follows the call’ of the scent. Illuminated by deep, cool lights and finishing with a mysterious purple eclipse, the Black Opium YSL advert is an enigmatic showstopper.

Dolce Gabbana The One 

“I’m not looking for a million things, just that one perfect thing”. Scarlett Johansson wows in the Dolce Gabbana advert for The One fragrance. With sultry smiles, cheeky humour and enviable confidence, women and men alike are enraptured by the elegant and straightforward advert. One of our favourites, this ad truly stands the test of time in elegance and beauty, just like the fragrance itself. 

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